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Monday, November 12, 2012

It's a good thing I'm not the publicist for Halloween because I would totally be fired.

Ok, for lack of a better rationale, we will start with the Canadians in Montreal for Halloween.  Here we are at the Chief's with his three sons (!!) Miguel, Charles and Elliot.

Over in Regina, little Bella Heer dressed up like Scooby Doo. (how cute is she!!!)

In Montreal, Sam Ollmann-Chan is Ironman.  (I think? I'm not good with superheroes despite my CV!)

In Ottawa, Brad Mackay's cuties are Indiana Jones and an incredible Sock Monkey.  Brad, please tell me that costume is hand-made!

OK people, we all have an off year.  After insisting he wanted to be a Hershey kiss since our visit to Hershey Park this summer, and me sewing a rocking costume and hat, Woody ditched it to be a skeleton, and Gigi sabotaged her own idea of a bowl of salad costume with a new concept called an "under costume" that she told me was Rizzo from Grease.  Not really what any mother wants to hear from her 7 yr old. Certainly, some terrible foreshadowing on a good girl bad girl identity crisis in her teen years.

Down in Brooklyn, the cutest little girl in all of Park Slope, Nora Tomine is Eeyore.  SO CUTE!!!

This annual blog entry also serves as an inferiority check for all parents who don't make the most awesome costume for their kids LIKE A CIRCUIT BOARD!!!!! Charlie Clowes, everyone. 

Lulu White as Uma Thurman as Mrs. Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction down in Silver Lake. Lulu's last Halloween at home. Sniff!

Natalia Hernandez as an anime doll in Vegas. (those eyes are spot-on creepy!!!)

Up in Oak Park, we have Clara Ware as in her own design of "fairy witch," LOVE.

Here Clara is with some very awesome pumpkins made with her Mom. Those white ones are extra creepy.
Hey man, even Darth Vadar needs a little cotton candy time-out! (though how he got the candy into his mouth, who knows) Miles Ralph of Savannah, ladies and gentlemen.

And north to the White River Junction D+Q contingent, Charlotte Sturm is Hermione. Sadly undocumented on camera is her sister, Eva, who was a "feral dog demon" hmmmmm.

OH MY GOD.  Clementine Lutes and her little baby bumblebee brother!

And how to end this adorableness? Oh, just with Clem's fantastic rendering of trick or treating. Check out that perspective!

Until 2013!!!!!


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