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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

D+Q to Publish MY DIRTY DUMB EYES by Lisa Hanawalt

Drawn & Quarterly has acquired world rights to MY DIRTY DUMB EYES by award-winning cartoonist Lisa Hanawalt, it was announced today by Tom Devlin, Acquiring Editor & Creative Director. To be released in Spring 2013, MY DIRTY DUMB EYES is Hanawalt’s first full length work. It will be a collection of her intricately detailed, absurdly funny comics that have appeared in The Hairpin, VanityFair.com, Lucky Peach, Saveur, The New York Times and The Believer.

"We have been fans of Lisa for a very long time, she is the great combination of excellent drawing ability and being genuinely laugh out loud funny,” said Devlin. “Her unhinged musings on pop culture and celebrity make her the premiere humorist for her generation. She approaches her subjects with both a stalker's wild-eyed mania and a satirist's precise control.”

MY DIRTY DUMB EYES will be distributed in the U.S. by Farrar, Straus & Giroux and in Canada by Raincoast Books. International rights are represented by Samantha Haywood of the Transatlantic Literary Agency. Meredith Kaffel of DeFiore and Company represented Hanawalt in negotiations.

About Lisa Hanawalt: Lisa Hanawalt self-published Stay Away From Other People in 2008 and established her comic-making style of funny illustrated lists and anthropomorphized animals, which she continued to explore in her first published work, I Want You #1 (Buenaventura Press, 2009) and I Want You #2 (Pigeon Press, 2010). Stay Away From Other People won an Ignatz for Outstanding Mini-Comic in 2009, I Want You #1 received an Ignatz for Outstanding Comic in 2010, and I Want You #2 won a Stumptown Award for Best Small Press in 2011.

Hanawalt draws illustrations and funnies for places like The New York Times, New York Magazine, The Hairpin, McSweeneys, Chronicle Books and Vanity Fair. She recently illustrated a children's book for McSweeney's, Benny's Brigade, with Arthur Bradford and is coming out in August 2012.

Hanawalt was raised in Palo Alto, California, and graduated from UCLA in 2006. She currently lives in Greenpoint, Brooklyn with a dog and a comedian.


Don't you love news like this? Prince Edward Island is adopting Guy Delisle's BURMA CHRONICLES into the province-wide reading program. Official government press release.
Monday, May 28, 2012

Did someone say science fiction issue of the New Yorker!

HOW AWESOME IS THIS? A Dan Clowes cover for the aforementioned science fiction issue of the New Yorker.

When is Moonrise Kingdom opening in Montreal?!

ILLO ALERT! New Adrian Tomine illustration for the movie MOONRISE KINGDOM in this week's science fiction issue of the New Yorker!
Friday, May 25, 2012

Chris Ware, interviewed!

The always eloquent Chris Ware in a delightful interview with Chicago Fear no ART where they explore his process. It's fascinating. Does Chris like his work? Does he think it has value? When I hear an extended interview with a cartoonist like this one, I can't help but just think what a fantastic, remarkable age of cartooning we are living in.

Moomin's Winter Follies

Internet! Perhaps you've already viewed a sample of our new colour editions of Tove Jansson beloved Moomin comics in this year's D+Q FCBD comic? Well, we're not just releasing Moominvalley Turns Jungle this fall, we've also got Moomin's Winter Follies all ready to go to press! Feast your eyeballs:

Is there anything more endearing than Mymble in love? Honey, we've all been there! Put your chin up, tease your hair a bit, and, for the love of god, go with the black dress.

Moomin's Winter Follies and Moominvalley Turns Jungle will be available early this fall. Watch this space for more details as we amp up for the debut of these beauts!
Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ed the Happy Clown! Just two more weeks to wait

So I know there's a lot of build-up for books when they get printed overseas; we've got like three months of waiting for them to get here, filled with tiny milestones along the way that we tend to get REAL excited about. So, to avoid repeting what's already been said, I'll just show you what showed up today:

Our bulk shipment of Ed the Happy Clown! Which mean you can all expect to see it at your local shops by June 5th!
JUNE 5th, EVERYBODY! Not so far away at all. Hooray for Chester Brown; Hooray for deluxe hardcover editions of some of the best comics to ever be created.

Michael Cho Launch at TYPE Books this Wednesday!

Dear Tronntonians, come to this!

Want to know why? Well I think the Globe and Mail, National Post, and Toronto Life may be able to tell you.

"The beauty of Cho's work lies in the often ignored: an old AC unit hanging out a window, the scrawl of graffiti left on a garage door, a rooftop satellite dish pointing at the stars, a streetlamp illuminating the darkness." -- Mark Medley, The National Post

"Cho's delicately coloured, fastidiously detailed drawings and paintings of downtown alleys and depopulated streets ... aren't scenes you'd find in a tourist brochure, but they're immediately familiar to the millions of us who take shortcuts through these hidden mazes." -- Ian Daffern, Toronto Life

And if I need to spell it out for you a little more simply, Back Alleys is G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S. So hit up that launch party at TYPE Books's Queen St location (883 Queen St W. opposite Trinity Bellwoods Park, but I don't need to tell you that!) tomorrow night, Wednesday May 23rd from 6 to 8 pm. There'll be an exhibit of original artwork from the book, snacks, refreshments, and the opportunity to get a book signed by the very friendly Mr. Cho himself.

Everyone else: look, I know it seems like all the fun is being hoarded by Toronto, but there's good news. Within Canada, copies of Back Alleys should be hitting shelves by the end of the week! Those of you in the US of A have to wait just a little bit longer: books should be in store by June 4th.
Sunday, May 20, 2012

Happy Victoria Day/Joyeux Journée nationale des patriotes

In honor of the (Canadian) long weekend, we have our first official fan of Anouk Ricard's ANNA & FROGA, the cutest little girl in all of Park Slope, Nora Tomine.
Thursday, May 17, 2012


Don't let this portrait scare you! Dan Clowes is one of the nicest guys around, and he'll be at Quimby's tonight! And if you can't be at Quimby's check out this WBEZ interview.

And if you can't make tonight, it's probably because you already scored the hottest ticket in comics, entry to this weekend's Comics: Philosophy & Practice at the University of Chicago, organized by the one and only Hillary Chute. The Tribune's resident comics expert Christopher Borrelli weighs in with some context: The rock scene had Woodstock. The jazz world famously gathered on the steps of a Harlem brownstone in 1958 for Esquire photographer Art Kane. In the 1920s, New York literati met at the Algonquin Round Table.

 Oh does that sound a little too over the top? Check it: Lynda Barry, Alison Bechdel, Ivan Brunetti, Charles Burns, Daniel Clowes, R. Crumb, Phoebe Gloeckner, Justin Green, Ben Katchor, Aline Kominsky-Crumb, Francoise Mouly, Gary Panter, Joe Sacco, Seth, Art Spiegelman, Carol Tyler, and Chris Ware!
Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Thursday In Montreal!

Yes! Fun! Tomorrow night at the Librairie in Montreal, we are in for a treat. R. Sikoryak is in town and will be delivering a carousel with Montreal's finest: Howard Chackowicz, Julie Delporte, Pascal Girard, Billy Mavreas and Joe Ollmann. Drinks, laughs and comics, people, what else would you want to do?
Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Crockett Johnson and Ruth Krauss

Maybe it was forever ago that a portion of Phil Nel's new book on Ruth Krauss and Crockett Johnson was featured in Comic Art magazine? Not sure how long but I did think at the time, "now that's a book I want to read!!" Well, it seems like it's finally arriving and there's a bonus for all of us comic nerds. An amazing full-spread cover by Chris Ware!!! Best cover ever?
Friday, May 11, 2012

Amber Albrecht's Idyll

Well, well. Looky here, internet. We just received our shipment of Montreal artist Amber Albrecht's Petit Livre, Idyll. And just in time for her launch at Librairie D+Q this Friday. Montrealers: I know you are all terribly busy being artists and lounging about town, but make sure to save the date. I hear Amber's bringing snacks! Plus, you know, her art is pretty incredible.

Here's a teaser to get y'all ready. (Sorry for the blurriness—iPhones are hard to focus after the twelfth cup of coffee.)

If you can't make it to the store Friday! May 18th! at 7:00pm! Idyll will be in stores later this month.
Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thank You Montreal! Merci beaucoup, Montreal!

Every once in a while I like to point our fair readers over to our Librairie D+Q blog, in the event you do not have it bookmarked already. The staff has been very busy the past month, so I am taking this chance to say thanks and job well done. We have a great, knowledgeable and smart staff (Jason, Julia, Julien, Chantale, Jade, Helen and our dear Fiona who has left us for NYC and now works at McNally Jackson she loves books that much!) who LOVE selling books. I'm not the only one who notices, acquaintances stop me on the street or at my children's schools to tell me not only how much they love the store but how much they like the staff! And now, our wonderful city of Montreal has noticed. The Mirror's Best of Montreal for 2012 has just been released and the Librairie is feted for Best Comic Store #1, Best Bookstore #2 and even Best Magazine Store #5.  Thank you Montreal, and especially thanks to our wonderful neighborhood of Mile End, the same hood that the Chief founded D+Q 23 years ago.

First off, the month of May marks our store director's, Jason Grimmer, one year anniversary at Drawn & Quarterly.  Under his tutelage the store has grown leaps and bounds, with not only an increased fourth quarter in 2012 and a fantastic December but outstanding growth in the first three months of 2012.  The above photo is by photographer Alexi Hobbs who photographed the store for the international edition of TIME Magazine.

Time Magazine was featuring Montreal's literary scene timed to the Blue Met Bleu Literary Festival.  To see more photos from the shoot and of the store visit Alexi's site. Of D+Q, the writer Hillary Brenhouse said:

It may have begun as a magazine anthology in late-80s Montreal, but Drawn & Quarterly has grown into an internationally renowned indie publishing house and come to define the literary-comics genre. Down the street from headquarters, a small and exquisitely curated flagship shop deals in D& Q titles and other finely printed matter.  The crowds go for launches, live readings and workshops to the best in design. Just in is Goliath, a graphic novel that draws a gentler giant from British cartoonist Tom Gauld, who visits the store on May 2. The English translation of Shigeru Mizuki's wellloved manga and memoir NonNonBa on his childhood forays into the spirit world also arrives next month.

Ever since we opened the store, we have taken the job of retailer very seriously. As retailers critique publishers, publishers often critique retailers. We felt with our store that we had to "put our money where our mouth was" and create the dream store that we knew could not only just exist, but in fact flourish. Above is a photo of our "new" D+Q section.

Do things look different?  New? To prepare for our 5th anniversary this Fall, we hired Denis Proulx of DAP Design to create new shelving for the store. We wanted to take advantage of the store's space, but we also wanted to do more "face-out" and less "spine-out" racking of our books.

We asked Denis for very simple, elegant, sturdy shelving straight to the ceiling that would showcase the books. He delivered and we couldn't be happier. Above is our graphic novel section. How gorgeous do those books look from  Fantagraphics, IDW, Abrams and more?  Yes, we sell D+Q books, but we also sell comics from our esteemed peers!


And we were able to open up our Young Adult and Kids section which came in handy last Saturday for Free Comic Book Day.

The new shelving allowed us to give our "total besties" McSweeneys their own section as well as deservedly expand our bandes dessinées sections.

So that's that! In honor of the store's fifth anniversary this Fall, check back to the Librairie D+Q blog for updates on some major headlining events this Fall, both comics and prose, and hopefully from all of our sections including kids, DIY, music and nonfiction. And once again, thanks to our fantastic customers and fans from around the world, who make fighting the good fight every day totally worth it!
Wednesday, May 09, 2012

The Worst TCAF report on the internets

People, DO ride the train from Montreal to Toronto with D+Q production manager Tracy Hurren, Monastiraki owner Billy Mavreas, and Mid-Life ink-stud Joe Ollmann. What fun! People, DO NOT go get beers with Andy Brown, Billy Mavreas, and Joe Ollmann as soon as you get off the train in Toronto because you will have to count in the books and that will be awful.

And then you think, oh, I can get out of this place after 2 pints and here comes Tom Gauld, David Turgeon, Jimmy Beaulieu, and Pascal Girard.

And then there were like 20 people there. I lost count--of people and pints. Off to the library to count in the books. Good ole Joe Ollmann helped me out. But let's face it. We were not at our best. JOE'S SHIRT IS UNTUCKED FOR CRACKIN' ICE!

Eventually, I just went to Big Smoke Burger to wash away my drunk. Why did you change your name from Craft Burger, I wonder?

Oh, dear god, who do I run into right off the bat but Keith Jones eating a slice of pizza standing at the edge of an alley. He said, and I quote "Do you want a beer? I just stashed a couple in the alley for later but if you want one…" I offered to buy him one at The Pilot where everyone else was hanging. One beer and I was done for the evening.

MEANWHILE NEARBY AND COMPLETEY CIVILIZED there was the Friday night out-of-towner dinner for D+Q. Here's Seth, Guy, Emilie from Cornelius, and The Chief.

And Matt and Seth. When I said "Matt, do you know where the restaurant is?" He said, "Yes. I used to work there!!" So, he, um, knew.


Saturday was an early opening for the show and I mean early. Doors at 9am meant a bunch of hungover knuckleheads like myself were desperately downing coffee and counting in our books at 7am preparing for the soon-to-be clamoring fans.

Kate Beaton got going early and signed and signed until she couldn't feel her hand any more.

While many got sketches of their favourite characters, some adoring fans were turned away sadly.

Back upstairs, Emilie (right) and TCAF helper Genève sell the Cornelius books for the first time in North America.

Hey, let's take a look around, shall we? Here's Molly from Picturebox. Supposedly, Dan is "home" "taking care" of "his new baby." Oh, come on.

Here's the Road Hawgs!! {I'm trying to get that to stick. Help me out here.} John Porcellino, Zak Sally, and Noah Van Sciver.

Who has a new book? Sean Ford (Another greatest former intern for both Peg at DC and here at D+Q as well.) Open your peepers and look for his book Only Skin at your local comics emporium courtesy of the fine folks at Secret Acres.

Joe Lambert is struttin' like 1950s Jack Davis over heah. I swept the books off his table and pushed it over all Helen Keller stylee but he didn't find it funny at all. {Mendes stop with the photobombing.}

Satisfied, Tracy?! Here's the "over shot" you deserve. I wobbled around on Julia's shoulders for 20 minutes to get this.

Michael Cho signs his very popular new book, Back Alleys and Urban Landscapes. Michael sat next to us at his own table and was killing it! There were always lines of fans buying books, prints, and chit-chatting.

Seth and Joe get down to the good work of signing signing signing.

Chester joins in. Chet, I'm liking the new fringe there.

The new shift comes in (Tom Gauld left) and Chet stays the course for an epic five hour signing shift.

Tom's out, Matt and Guy are in and Chester is still signing (well, chatting with his French Paying For It publisher. People, did you know there's a new Quebec version of Louis Riel from our pals at Le Pasteque? Well, there is!!)

Saturday night dinner at our usual pre-Doug Wright Awards haunt. It was a little crowded and the restaurant messed up the reservation so while Julia, Ed, and I sat at the little kids table, the big table was (clockwise from the left) Matt, Kate, Chris, Chester, Tom G., Marc Bell, Tracy, Pascal, (out of frame) Hugues Micol from Cornelius, Emilie Lehin, (back in frame) Scott Campbell, Joe Ollmann (in blurry foreground). Whew.

DOUG WRIGHT AWARDS! I'm sure there will be more detailed wrap-ups. It was a fun awards show. The DWAs do a great job with hosts. Always funny and professional. This year's host Geoff Pevere was top notch!! Michael Comeau gave a hilarious speech ("Comics are garbage and if you're into garbage you'll make a lot of friends.") Ethan Rilly was very heartfelt (Emilie remarked that it was so cute how earnest and grateful he was because in France, the artist usually says "of course, I won.") And Kate Beaton took the Best Book honors over her labelmates Joe, Pascal, Seth, and Chester (and non-labelmate Michael Deforge). Montreal political cartoonist Terry "Aislin" Mosher was inducted into the Giants of the North and he had a couple star turns that I can't write about here because they are too filthy and hasn't Phyllis Wright been through enough? "Why was that bear so angry?"

Here's Chet talking to Terry while Seth chats with I DON'T REMEMBER WHO--maybe non-Canadian Dustin Harbin?

Oh, guess not. Here's Dustin talking to Tom Gauld and pointing out that he presented an award and he's not even Canadian so he totally jumped the line but I guess who am I to complain? {At least, I'm a Permanent Resident!}{Also, I didn't think I had any pictures of Julia but there she is to the left. SHE WAS ALWAYS ON THE MOVE!}

Surprise! We thought we were going to a bar and we ended up in a Greek Restaurant. Oh, the convention dinners. They get totally out of hand.

We only ordered beers which did not ingratiate us to the staff, no sir. Also we drew on the fancy tablecloths (come on, there was paper on there.)

Tracy snapped this Marc Bell doodle to "sell on youtube" which made sense at the time but now I'm just confused. Is that a thing? Supposedly. Brad Mackay grabbed the placemats and is putting them in the Doug Wright museum.

Pascal signs for a fan and says "How do you spell dat? C-A-I-T?"

Chris looks at Shigeru Mizuki's Hitler biography recently published by Cornelius while Emilie looks on.

Marc and his beleaguered French translator.

Quebeckers!! {It's true--Chester is from the Montreal suburbs and Guy is from Quebec City even if both have been away from our fair province for decades now.}

Jeet Heer shows off his greatest creation--little cutie, Bella. "I'm sleeping fine!!," says Jeet enthusiastically. Baby Mama Robin says, "It's true. He's sleeping fine…so, so tired."

People, TCAF is a great show!! Big crowds from all walks of life buying lots of books. Great volunteers and staff. Lots of great comics (I picked up some new Nobrow, something like 40 Michael Deforge minis, a Keith Jones mini, and the new Nick Maandag book called The Libertarian that did not disappoint. I forgot to pick up that new dirty book from Secret Acres, The Song of Roland by Michel Rabagliati (Conundrum), and the Rory Hayes collection by PictureBox. Too many comics, too many people, so much fun.)


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