Thursday, January 10, 2013

A big stack of Gilbert Hernandez art! (InternsRRsum!)

Okay, so here's a big fat stack of Gilbert Hernandez artwork. I cannot begin to tell you how exciting it was to see this come through the door the other day.

Here's our Marble Season star (and Beto stand-in) Huey.

And here's new intern Aeron standing in what seems to be the messiest part of the office. I am so sorry, Aeron.

PEOPLE, this is a great book!! Classic Gilbert humor and characterization serving a very personal story of a young boy on the cusp of adolescence. It's the kind of book that reminds you exactly how you felt at that time in your life, the kind of book that digs up long forgotten memories of secret kid rituals.

Man, I love looking at that Gilbert hatching. Mark mark mark.

Gorgeous! Page 1. If you squint you can see the erased pencils looming behind that Huey paste-up.

Here's Huey with my favorite character--you know, that goofy loud kid who suddenly shows up and becomes your best friend and how did that happen?