Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Lisa Hanawalt for President!

When Tom mumbled from behind a stack of books a few months ago, "You're working on Lisa's book," I had to slip out to the washroom so I could privately squeal/jump around like an ape.

It looked something like this. (Also, I think this is the first time we've shown off the cover. Pretty nice, right?!)

And below you'll find some of my favourite pages. I was having a tough time deciding, so I gave myself a "no dicks" rule and things got a whole lot simpler.

My Dirty Dumb Eyes collects the best of Lisa's work, in a pretty little package that will display her gift much more nicely than your filthy computer screens ever could. (Plus there are some extras in there that were made especially for this very special collection!)

My Dirty Dumb Eyes will be in stores May! Watch this space for more info as we approach the date. And also just watch the internet in general for more on Lisa, because as noted by the LA Times, she's got a face you should be watching!