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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Miriam Katin's LETTING IT GO in the house!

Look what arrived today via courier! LETTING IT GO, which is Miriam Katin's follow-up to her acclaimed debut WE ARE ON OUR OWN, which came out in 2005. We were all ooing and aahing over how gorgeous her cover design is. Bold, simple and striking.

To know Miriam is to adore Miriam. Tracy designed these gorgeous endpapers, which caused me to chuckle, because Miriam is known to email photos of the birds who visit her ledge in Washington Heights.

Speaking of, here's a photo she sent me last year in an email with the subject heading "Friday evening about 7:00 Washington Heights" and her email said: "See why I am so inspired." ADORE!

WE ARE ON OWN was one of the first books we published after I started at D+Q in 2003 that was by a brand new author.  When you see Miriam's gorgeous pencils, it's easy to see why the Chief was enamored of her cartooning.  LETTING IT GO features Miriam's pencils in full color, and she adopts a flowing panel-less style, allowing her drawings to really come alive.

Her portrait of a sunset in vivid hues of red, yellow and orange is simply amazing.

Now is that a splash page or what?!  LETTING IT GO is the first of six original graphic novels to be published by D+Q in 2013, seven if you include a translated title. You know the first four: SUSCEPTIBLE by Genevieve Castree,  LETTING IT GO; THE PROPERTY By Rutu Modan  and MARBLE SEASON By Gilbert Hernandez.  What are the other three?  You'll have to wait until we announce our Fall list. Soon, I promise, soon.

PS Have I told you how much I love my job lately?  THESE CARTOONISTS ARE AMAZING, Y'ALL!


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