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Friday, January 11, 2013

Rutu Modan's The Property!

The rush to get everything to press before the holidays is really paying off now: all these lovely things keep showing up on my desk. This morning we received unbound pages of Rutu Modan's forthcoming book, The Property. Rutu is one of those authors that I felt very lucky to be forced into doing a very close reading of, over and over and over again as this book was prepped for press. With each reading I picked up on new subtleties in her humour, prose, and art. It's rare for someone to have all three of these elements mastered as fully as Rutu does.

Just look at those colours! Internet: this is one beautiful book!

I included this spread because of the last panel on the first page, where Mica's (lead character) grandmother Regina has her arms up in the air in anger. Rutu does this thing with her characters when they are mad—they turn into yellow- or red-eyed demons and I love it so much each time it happens.

Taxi rides in Poland with an annoying tag-along; promises of hidden family connections.

A search for a family property, long ago lost in the war, with some Krav Maga thrown in for good measure.

Flashbacks to simpler times; a boat-ride with your first—and perhaps only—love (followed by a chase by Nazi soldiers, of course.)

And the most adorable and touching and heart warming and heart breaking love story between an elderly couple that I've ever read.

If this fact is not already obvious, The Property really stole my heart. And I can't wait for it to steal yours. Watch for it in store this May!


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