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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

All hail Geneviève Castrée!

Geneviève Castrée is one of those rare people who emerge with a fully developed talent and artistic sensibility. By age 18 her first book, Lait Frappé, debuted from the Montreal publisher L'Oie de Cravan. Already at that point her drawings were breathtaking: there was some degree of a Julie Doucet influence, perhaps even Tove Jansson, but altogether as a whole Geneviève had created something uniquely her own. And I repeat: she was only 18 when she accomplished this, and she did it without any "formal" art training.

There hasn't been a whole lot of books by Geneviève in the dozen or so years since then (she also divides her time with musical pursuits), but the few projects she has been involved with have all been notable for their singular artistic vision.

There was a second book, Roulathèque Roulathèque Nicolore,  also published by L'Oie de Cravan.

And there were a couple of "book-records," merging Geneviève main interests of music and art.

Until now, one of her longest comics-pieces was this one, from Drawn & Quarterly Showcase #3 in 2005.

And now, at long last, Geneviève has completed her first graphic novel, Susceptible. It's at times beautiful, haunting, and heartbreaking, and will no doubt be considered one of the best books of the year. Here's a brief excerpt (arranged vertically for legibility)…

Tonight in Montreal. Tomorrow, February 20 at Desert Island, in Brooklyn.


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