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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Help Reading Frenzy Celebrate their 20th Anniversary!

Now, I know Reading Frenzy has been around forever, so much so we can take it for granted (especially in a city brimming to capacity with great shops)to which I apologize to the proprietress Chloe Eudaly. Chloe is an amazing force, puts on awesome events (let's say sold 200 copies of Lynda's PICTURE THIS at her launch) and is one of the most vital voices in retailing and self-publishing. Just how long is forever? In this case, Reading Frenzy has been around for 19 years! And in those 19 years they have done events with a range of authors and artists as diverse as Lynda Barry, Joe Sacco, Billy Childish, Dave Eggers, Anders Nilsen, and an amazing host of others. Also in this time, Chloe helped find the Independent Publishing Resource Center where we will be having the launch for Lisa Hanawalt's My Dirty Dumb Eyes this June.

But! Between now and then, we have to help Reading Frenzy move to a new location because they lost their lease. Chloe has created a kickstart campaign, and I think offering pretty much the best incentives I have seen in a campaign. Now, people, if Veronica Mars can raise $4 million for a movie, can us book, comic and zine lovers raise the money to make this institution sticks around?! I think so!


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