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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Rutu Modan's The Property - in stores today!

It's been a little while since we've updated you on Rutu Modan's beautiful, funny, exquisitely plotted graphic novel The Property.

And since then, we've put the book in a few reviewers' hands. Here's a selection of the advance press The Property has received:

"The Property [is] a stunning book about a family’s attempt to reclaim property lost during the Second World War. [Rutu] Modan’s drawings are precise and evocative, with rich yet restrained colouring and detail. The Warsaw she imagines, shaded with a mournful tone but full of vivid characters, feels alive on the page."—The Globe & Mail

"Modan adroitly captures the complexity of the Jewish relationship to Europe, where so many Jews built and lost families and fortunes. There’s a deep ache within The Property, as Modan’s characters think about what might’ve been, and decide to replace that sense of mourning with a sense of possibility."—Noel Murray, The A.V. Club

"Modan (Exit Wounds) has proven to be one of the most accessible of graphic novelists, with a cinematic presentation and the ability to capture the complexity of larger human experience within smaller family dramas.... A beautiful, fully realized story that’s as much “novel” as “graphic”."—Publishers Weekly Starred Review

"The book is tightly plotted, with a twist (or two) that feels entirely organic to the movement of the narrative. Modan is masterful at creating complex motivations, exploring the confusion her characters create in each other and, more fundamentally, in themselves."—David L. Ulin, The LA Times

As of today, The Property is available in great bookstores across North America. I'll leave you with these two beautiful, almost wordless pages. They give you a sense of the mood and ambiance of the book...

No joke, this may be my favourite literary graphic novel of 2013. Get out there and read this beaut!


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