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Friday, June 21, 2013

TEN years!

So the story goes something like this: On this day in 2003 I emailed Peggy Burns and asked her if she had any recommendations in regards to a new publicity position that opened up at Drawn & Quarterly. Back then Peggy was the publicist for DC Comics and I figured that maybe, just maybe she knew of someone who would make a good candidate. Within a few minutes Peggy replied and stated that, in fact, she would like to be considered for the job. I assumed she was joking and didn't even reply. She already had a job in this field, working for a major company like DC, and was living in a great city like New York. If anything, she was overqualified, and of course there would be other issues, such as emigrating to a foreign (French-speaking, in part) country. Of course she couldn't be serious! But then another hour or so passed and another email from Peggy came in, this time with her CV attached. I think at that point I realized that Peggy was hardly joking, and so I gave her a call to start discussing it. Needless to say, Peggy moved to Montreal along with Tom Devlin and started working here in September of that year, all of this happening within 90 days of that initial email exchange.

In the ensuing years Peggy has, of course, transformed D+Q for the better in every conceivable way, and she has been an instrumental figure in the success of all of the authors we have published since then. I was supposed to keep this appreciation brief, saving it for the official anniversary in September, so let me leave off with this for now: Peggy is easily one of the smartest people working in publishing. It's been a real honor to work with her during this past decade.

Above: Drawing of Peggy Burns by Adrian Tomine.


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