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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

In Stores Today: OPTIC NERVE #13 by Adrian Tomine!

Optic Nerve #13 is IN STORES TODAY.  Today is earlier than predicted. I don't know about you guys, but that suits me just fine, because I have been waiting for this and I'm just not very patient. When I open an Adrian Tomine book, that's it-- I'm reading until it's finished, and then I start wondering how soon I can get more. But I'm sure you understand.

Optic Nerve #13 doesn't disappoint, featuring three complete, visually unique stories in Adrian's compellingly readable style. "Go Owls" is a dark comedy about 12-step programs, drug dealing, and minor league baseball. "Translated, from the Japanese" is the diary of a young Japanese mother caught between her home country and a new, strange land, and hovering on the precipice of divorce.  And "Winter, 2012", which you have a peek of behind the cut-out cover, is an autobiographical glimpse into Tomine's home life and his ongoing struggles with the modern world.

Here's a spread from "Go Owls", a tale I find really illustrates the sadness-beautiful style of Adrian's storytelling.

I'm blogging this for you, the tech-savvy ultra-modern folk.

AND, BROOKLYN! A GENTLE, ALL-CAPS REMINDER that Adrian will be celebrating the release of Optic Nerve #13 tomorrow, August 1st, at Bergen Street Comics at 7pm. From their site: "Come on by and pick up your copy, and be sure to toast the artist with a glass of bubbly.  We hope to see you here!"


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