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Tuesday, September 03, 2013

In stores today: REGGIE-12!

Happy September! Happy, especially, because Brian Ralph's Reggie-12 is now in stores! The book collects the hilarious pop culture send-up that was originally serialized in Giant Robot magazine and on reggie12.com. It's jam-packed with genuinely funny, lovable characters that love pizza and video games and saving the day. And Reggie-12 is good-lookin': it's in a great oversize format and has shiny intricate spot varnish that you'll just have to see it in person. I deem the spot varnish worthy of a trip to your local bookstore. 

Reading Reggie-12 will make you feel like a cool cat, like this:

Here are some kind words from Comics Never Stop: "The art in Reggie-12 is excellent. Brian Ralph is a master of simplicity, his art is very cartoony but delivers the good needed to portray fun and sometimes meaningful stories. From the first story where Reggie sports a ridiculously large arm to the final one where Casper has a kitten, the art is key to developing the stories and characters that make you feel so close to Reggie and his friends"

Don't forget that Brian Ralph will be on tour this month, making stops in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and in Bethesda at Small Press Expo! Full details are right here! You can also RSVP on Facebook and make all your friends jealous (and then invite them to come along, too).  
Here is Reggie-12, ready to take off through our office window and arrive in your hot lil' hands.


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