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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Anders at APE! Or, D+Q heads to America.

America: Land of the free. Always a pleasure to visit your highfalutin shores. I was in San Francisco this past weekend for APE, and it was just so lovely to be in that amazing city, and even more swell to get to sell comics there.

The convention centre where APE takes place is nice because it's wood instead of cement. That turns my convention frown upside down, if you know what I mean. (But come on SF, there's no way this building is actually earthquake proof.)

And another booth shot. Handsome books. The handsomest, I'd say.

Along for the sweet ride was salty dog on shore leave Anders Nilsen.

Anders was there to move units of his new beaut of a book, Rage of Poseidon.

Did we mention it's an accordion?

Here's Anders again, with a long line of adoring fans. What's notable about APE is how hardcore the fans are, if you can forgive me for using that word. These two gentlemen up front had Anders sign pretty much everything he had ever made, touched, coughed on. Later I saw someone hurriedly moving toward the booth holding a piece of trash. He claimed it was Anders's used napkin from lunch and requested an autograph. Anders politely declined, consummate professional that he is.

(Photo cred: Chris Diaz) Here's the beautiful Ilaria. Ilaria is a McSweeney's intern and she was nice enough to help out for the weekend, as well as provide me with many burrito recommendations. INDIAN BURRITOS. THANK YOU ILARIA!

Here's Anders again, at a panel talking about Rage, as well as future projects. It's always a pleasure to hear Anders talk—he's eloquent and smart. (I'm pretty sure his booming voice makes him sound even smarter, not that that's necessary.)

And that's all. I have a million more photos of Anders but I'm saving them for my personal collection how many photos of Anders do you really need, anyway?

Anders has some nice sketches of his time in SF up on his blog. Go clap your eyes. And then go pre-order his new book on some website, or, better yet, make a date with your cutie to go to your local bookstore on October 29 to pick up a copy or two IRL.

Big thanks to everyone at APE and Comic-Con for putting on the show, especially Gary and Justin. Your hard work was evident, and appreciated.


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