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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

It's Louis Riel's birthday! Celebrate with Chester Brown in Winnipeg tonight

The Manitoban turns in a post about the event, including a short interview with Professor Candida Rifkind who is hosting the conversation with Chester tonight. Check it out: it totally makes me wish I could teleport to Winnipeg for the evening, because Professor Rifkind promises to be an insightful interviewer for comics and non-comics fans alike:

“[Brown] depicts [Riel] as a complex man and doesn’t shy away from representing his religious mysticism and messianism,” says Rifkind. “[Brown’s book] shows the complicated situations Riel faced, both within his community and outside it, and so goes beyond the usual caricatures of him as either ‘traitor’ or ‘hero.’”

And at CBC's Scene blog, Andrew Friesen recounts that Chester was inspired to create Louis Riel during a visit to Winnipeg:

"On a trip to Winnipeg in the mid-'90s, the acclaimed cartoonist and some of his American friends were discussing history when the topic turned to Riel. Being the only Canadian in the bunch, Brown was asked to explain why Riel was such a significant figure. “I drew a blank. I knew almost nothing,” laughed Brown. Acknowledging his ignorance, the cartoonist decided to research the M├ętis leader and soon realized just how fascinating and complicated a character he was."

So! 7 pm tonight at the McNally Robinson located in Grant Park Shopping Centre! Interview and presentation to be followed by a book signing with the one and only Chester Brown! One night only in Winnipeg. 

Tonight's event is co-presented by the Saint Boniface Museum.


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