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Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Leanne Shapton's SUNDAY NIGHT MOVIES - in stores everywhere today!

You guys! Leanne Shapton's extended love letter to the cinematic form is in stores everywhere TODAY. Look. I'll readily admit that I'm movie-illiterate, but I know darn fine art, and this is some of it.  But better still, a bunch of people who know things about movies AND art have weighed in, so I'll just stop babbling, and give you what you want: images and words (other people wrote).

Over at the New YorkerLeanne herself addresses her love of the two-shot:
"The symmetry of the two-shot promises harmony or discord: a long goodbye, the moment before a kiss, a confidence shared, a spar of wit, explosions of hostility and hurt. There is a lot of blame in two-shots. Blame, and grace. The two-shot thrills and rivets; the audience, held captive by the filmmaker, listens and watches. Two-shots are cross-sections of intimacies that come only rarely, that ask and then answer, “How will these two people continue?”"

Emily Beber at It's Nice That responds:
"Sunday Night Movies presents film fragments and stills, chosen moments from movies that resound in Leanne’s memory. Painted in deep black watercolour, they appear dream like; profiles moulded with emotion taking us with them into the love affair. Though it began with 31 illustrated scenes...now there are 96 pages for our hearts to melt over."

At Time Out Chicago, Laura Pearson declares Sunday Night Movies one of the fall's best new books:
"Shapton's ode to the movies features watercolor illustrations of some of her favorite moments in classic black-and-white films, forming a portrait of both bygone cinema and the artist herself."

While at Creative Review, Mark Sinclair highlights Shapton's use of text:
"Some of the stand-out paintings for me are of the typography that renders the opening titles and credits to a handful of the films. Within these simple sketches of text on celluloid, Shapton manages to capture the excitement of cinema and the expectancy of the story about to unfold."

And lastly but also firstly, Whitney Matheson at USA Today offers a cool book alert:
"Sunday Night Movies (Drawn and Quarterly, $19.95) contains more than 75 of Shapton's lovely watercolors inspired by her favorite black-and-white movies. I love how she chooses moments from these films that aren't always the ones we remember; for instance, she'll paint a shot of the credits sequence or a fleeting glance."


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