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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Tavi goes to Toronto and now everyone has sticky hands.

This past weekend Julia and I went to Toronto to party work really hard. Between the IFOA, a couple Rookie launches, and a whole lot of hanging out with cartoonists/authors, it was a pretty memorable weekend. This post is really just about the Rookie party at Magic Pony (because it would be a mile long if I tried to cover everything), but first…

Before the party began, I took a spin down to Harbourfront Centre to listen to Peter Bagge and Seth talk about their new books. (I swear I'm gonna tie this in with Rookie stuff. Just give me a sec…) Chester Brown and Michael DeForge came too. Just look how handsome they all are! Joanne (Peter's wife) and I accompanied these dashing fellas out for a couple o' drinks afterward. It was the exact opposite of the Rookie party that followed.

And it was also one of the best comics hangz of my life…

Because this happened. The Rookie party was a costume party (happy Halloween, everyone!). I dressed as Dick Tracy, but I was too lazy to google how to tie a tie. Luckily Seth was kind enough to offer his expert services. Incredible, right? Pete insisted I stop grinning and put my "man" face on. This was my best effort.

Okay, now onto Magic Pony. As always, they did an absolutely stunning job setting up for the event. Not only was there the most delicious dinner spread, but TO artist and Rookie Cootie Catcher maker Ginette Lapalme had her beautiful artwork up during the event (and it's up until October 31st! Go. Look at it. Bring a towel for your drool.)

The highlight of the event for me was Sheila Heti's interview with Tavi. Sheila dug up an old list of resolutions Tavi had made back in 2008 and confronted her about her failure to accomplish any of them. GENIUS.

Here they are again pre-interview. Tavi dressed as Garth; Sheila dressed as her 17-year-old self.

This is the face Tavi makes when she's saying something wise beyond her years.

Several Rookies did some readings, too. Pictured here is Rookie and Wornette (Wookie) Anna Fitzpatrick. She read this article, about not being afraid to make things, ever, and not worrying about what people will think of it.

Petra Collins read her recent piece from the Huffington Post about Instagram censoring her body. Seems like if she would have been dressed like Wayne in that bikini shot, all of this could have been avoided, non?

And our last reader, the oh-so-lovely satanist-era Jayne Mansfield (or, Marie Lodi) flew in all the way from LA to read about breakups.

And here's the fruity Magic Pony crew. Ain't they sweet?

Cake maker Corey Moranis (more on that below), Rookie artist Kendra Yee, Wayne, Garth, and Julia, doing her best attempt at a sarcastic Daria face. Julia being anything other than sincere? PLZ!

The back room was decorated with glow in the dark doodles, painted by Kendra.

And Tavi's super creepy signing station.

Okay, so that cake I mentioned. Incredible, right? I really wish I hadn't eaten like 12 donuts literally right before they brought out the cake because man this was hard to say no to. (I would have died you guys! That's too much sugar. How am I supposed to keep up with those sugar-huffing teens?

Cutest gals at the party? Yes. Yes they were. Sorry all you other adorable adolescent beauties. I know I should be building you up before I bring you down, but I just don't have the time.

And here's our office beauty, Hulia. Also pictured here is Anna and Julia's friend's little sis Kathleen photo-bombing the pants right off this thang.

While most of the adults were having boring conversations upstairs, this was happening on the dance floor. Each song was the perfect opportunity for another sing along. It was sweaty and incredible and almost in key.

And no wonder the partay was so bopping—it was DJed by the Collins sisters, Petra and Anna. Look how cute Anna's foxy outfit is.

And I'll leave you with my favourite four ladies of the night—T dazzler, her proud mom Berit, the lovely Ginette Lapalme, and Julia. Beauts, right? (Berit was a big fan of Ginette's work. They talked forever. I'm pretty sure they were sisters in a past life.)

Oh, and if you can't read, here's a video recap of what happened, made by Daniel Goodbaum.


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