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Friday, November 29, 2013

D+Q Sale Suggestions: CO-MIX

TGIF, everybody! If you're in America, I hope you're staying safe today. Why not relax, curl up with your laptop, and check out our comparatively peaceful ongoing holiday sale? We're offering a c-r-a-z-y 40% off everything in our web store until Monday, December 2nd.

Glorious Co-Mix!

Today, I suggest you invest in Co-Mix: A Retrospective of Comics, Graphics, and Scraps, by Art Spiegelman. Why? Well, most obviously, it's huge, hardcover, and absolutely full of images- we're talking some serious bang-for-your-buck. But the content is what's truly special. This is a career-spanning compilation, and you'll be hard-pressed to find a cartoonist with a more varied, long-lasting career than Spiegelman's. Co-Mix includes pull-outs and out-of-print stuff reproduced at size, and is really like someone's entire enviable comics collection made portable. If you even kind of like comics, I think you should have this book (and then you will begin to love comics).

Here's a page from Two-Fisted Painters, including in Co-Mix

And here are some kind words from the experts:
"Exploring the breadth of his work, [Co-Mix] shows that, perhaps more than any other single artist, Spiegelman has energized the range of emotional possibility in comics." SF Weekly

"What’s refreshing about Co-Mix is the level to which it demonstrates Art’s diversity. While many retrospective publications like to show off just the one creative direction, this revels in the frenetic intellectual talent that produced the graphic novel’s finest example, his borrowing of other artist’s stylistic traits and turning them into something altogether more powerful. Even the great Art Spiegelman had influences." It's Nice That

Plus, in late breaking news, Co-Mix was included in the New York Times's Holiday Gift Guide(!!), where Roberta Smith says:

"This book accompanies the first museum retrospective of Art Spiegelman, the genius cartoonist and creator of “Maus,” a graphic novel about his parents’ lives during the Holocaust that made the genre an accepted literary form. Designed with Mr. Spiegelman’s help, it has the tall, narrow proportions of Raw, the short-lived comics quarterly that he founded in 1980 with his wife, Fran├žoise Mouly. Flanked by short essays by the film critic J. Hoberman and Robert Storr, dean of the Yale University School of Art, its images form a chronological sampling of Mr. Spiegelman’s extraordinary imagination, including his precocious early work, underground comics, preparatory notes and sketches for “Maus,” indelible covers for The New Yorker, lithographic efforts and much else."

Now also seems like a good time to share this awesome photo of Art being Art at Lakeland College:

Photo by Robby Frias, Lakeland College

Co-Mix is one of those jam-packed, oversized treasures you stare at longingly in your local bookshop, hoping someone who gets you will someday offer it to you as a gift. Well, no more! It's 40% off, so head over to our web store and take charge!


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