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Friday, November 01, 2013

Peter Bagge on LiveWire in Portland - Sat Nov 2

Coming hot off his Toronto appearances at the IFOA, Peter Bagge is on the move again! Find him this Saturday (aka TOMORROW) in Portland, where Peter will be a guest on Live Wire! radio show.

The full lineup is Peter Bagge, Karen Karbo (author, Julia Child Rules), and Dave Nadelbro (filmmaker, Mortified Nation), with Laura Veirs and Old Light providing musical accompaniment. Tickets are available now (for $20 here), or at the door for $25. All these fine folks will be at the Alberta Rose Theatre (3000 NE Alberta St) at 7:30 pm tomorrow, Saturday November 2nd.

Jacob Schraer at Portland Mercury has a short review and interview, including this tidbit:
Do you think it's still possible to lead the kind of life that Sanger did? It would be difficult to reenact that sort of sustained impact on today's culture.

It's hard to say who the "Margaret Sanger of today" is while events are still unfolding. I'd say her closest contemporaries are Ed Snowden and Julian Assange—people willing to risk imprisonment to do what's right. But then they'll have to remain activists for another 40 years to do as much as Sanger did!

Psst, and did we mention these great reviews that came in last week for Woman Rebel? Over at the Toronto Star, Garnet Fraser weighs in, calling Woman Rebel a "fast-paced, colourful account…" and noting that "Pioneering U.S. birth control advocate and Planned Parenthood co-founder Margaret Sanger’s story — her decades spent battling the law, the political establishment and plain ignorance — had enough in it for 10 lifetimes."

And at Now Magazine, Toronto's best-loved alt weekly, Carla Gillis adds: "Woman Rebel is no unbiased bio. Bagge clearly adores and admires his subject, but he doesn’t shy away from the controversies that plagued Sanger in her lifetime, in particular the dire effects on her family of her dedication to the cause. Even then she comes across as sympathetic – a woman ahead of her time doing, not always gracefully, the difficult work of carving out a path for and bettering the lives of future generations of women."


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