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Thursday, January 31, 2013

You're All Just Jealous of My Jetpack

The Freddie Stories

Early Praise for Miriam Katin's LETTING IT GO

Just spoke on the phone with Blue Met Bleu Festival in Montreal about Miriam, checked my email et voila! A rave starred review from the upcoming March issue of Booklist for her new book LETTING IT GO.

STARRED REVIEW. Drawn & Quarterly, hardcover, $24.95. (9781770461031). 741.5.

Katin, a Holocaust survivor who told the harrowing story of her family’s survival in her 2006 graphic memoir, We Are on Our Own, carries an understandable prejudice against all things German; so when her son Ilan announced that he was moving to Berlin to live with his girlfriend there, it set off a visceral, panicked reaction that she recounts in this wise and funny work. With wry self-awareness and sardonic humor, Katin depicts her reluctant, resentful efforts to deal with her son’s decision as she makes a pair of visits to the city, one to visit Ilan and another to attend an art show featuring her comics work (as her ever patient musician husband observes, “If Barenboim can be there, so can you”). She even learns the German word for her struggle: vergangenheitsbewältigung—coming to terms with the past. Katin eschews the use of panel borders for her gorgeously expressive color-pencil drawings, giving the narrative an irresistible flow. As well-told as it was, much of the power of We Are on Our Own came from its inherently dramatic story; this more nuanced and inward-looking tale is an even greater testament to Katin’s remarkable storytelling abilities.— Gordon Flagg
Wednesday, January 30, 2013

You're All Just Jealous Of My Jetpack

The Freddie Stories

Tuesday, January 29, 2013
Monday, January 28, 2013

Carrie Brownstein shares some Rookie love

Please go right ahead and file this one under many things that are GREAT. Carrie Brownstein(!) and Fred Armisen(!) of Portlandia(!) go with Julie Klausner(!)  to Bluestockings Bookstore(!) in Manhattan and share some sweet reads.


I won't spoil all their picks, but I will say Carrie Brownstein recommends Rookie Yearbook One. Oh and she's not the only one - we got news today that Rookie was selected for the Amelia Bloomer ALA Feminist Literature Award. Woo hoo!

You're All Just Jealous Of My Jetpack by Tom Gauld

It seems only fair that if I'm going to wallop you with emotion at noon, I follow up it with some laffs in the afternoon. Check back here at 3 each day this week for a Tom Gauld strip from his new late April early May book You're All Just Jealous of My Jetpack.

It's Freddie's Turn To Shine: New Edition of Freddie Stories

So we have a new gorgeous edition of Lynda's THE FREDDIE STORIES which I think truly reflects the maturity of this story. Any good Lynda fan knows that she has two sides. The side that will leave you crying, walking on air, and inspired a la What It Is. And the other side that will have you still crying but also realizing your darkest emotions a la Cruddy. Nowhere are these two sides more apparent than in her stories about Marlys and Freddie. Everyone loves the lovable Marlys. And her foil is her brother Freddie, perhaps only truly loved by Marlys. Darkly funny but tragic, Freddie is the loner we all knew growing up. The classmate who can't escape his labels, who becomes his labels until they swallow him whole. The classmate the system has totally failed. No one gets the magic and tragedy of adolescence better than Lynda. No one.  Check back here at noon every day this week for a Freddie strip.  

Friday, January 25, 2013

New ROOKIE Feature: "You're Not Wearing That" With Stephen Colbert

So Tavi Gevinson of ROOKIE appeared on the Colbert Report last night and it was awesome! Tom grabbed some screen shots.
Thursday, January 24, 2013

Rutu Modan's The Property! All in one piece and evoking awe all over this office.

Two shiny new copies of Rutu Modan's The Property just strolled through the door. Guys! This is one smart lookin' book! You can experience me lusting over it here, so to avoid coming off as obsessed, I'll be brief in this post and just leave you with some photos.

And what's that? This book is actually ahead of schedule? Get your spring off on the right foot this April with your very own copy of this impressive piece of prose.
Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Three Brian Ralph books this year (two interns now.)

Okay, so two of these are reprints but seriously we've got a new edition of the long out-of-print Cave~In (new cover, flexi-binding) and a new cheap softcover edition of the 2011 fave Daybreak {Say hey to our Winterns (sorry) Aeron and Adele.}

Oh, the third book is a collection of Brian's Reggie-12 comics from Giant Robot magazine. More details on that one soon.

In the meantime here's one of my favorite Reggie-12 strips.

Now, interns go outside and forage me some watercress and cattail root for my mid-afternoon snack please.

Michael DeForge's Ant Comic! Have you been keeping up?

Above is the first instalment of Michael DeForge's Ant Comic, from back in September 2011. And now there are just four strips left and things are looking pretty grim for those six-legged rascals. HOW'S IT GONNA END?! Oh, what's that? You haven't been keeping up? Don't sweat it, bro—we've got the collected Ant Comic slapped between two hard covers comin' your way in Winter 2014.

And now, for some of my favourite (splash?) pages (mostly because Blogger sucks and I'm worried you won't be able to read pages with many words, but also because they are incredible).

Seriously! Who's not jealous of DeForge's chops?
Thursday, January 17, 2013

Geneviève Castrée on tour for SUSCEPTIBLE! A.K.A. a petite preview of a great book!

I first read a sample of Susceptible (in its original French!) way back in December 2011, and I was blown away by just those few pages. Now complete (and expertly translated by Geneviève herself), it's official: this is a beautiful, affecting work, the longest and most narrative-driven comic Geneviève Castrée's ever done. If you're familiar with Geneviève's work, you'll know that its fantastic, ethereal appeal is hard to quantify, and the same is true of Susceptible - it's movingly poetic, carefully wrought, and achingly real.

Susceptible details the childhood and adolescence of a daydreamer named Goglu, growing up with a young working mother, a disengaged stepfather, and a father who lives on the other side of the continent. Drawing, punk rock, and the promise of true independence guide Goglu to adulthood; all the while her family's daily chaos inevitably shapes her identity. Stripped to its core, Susceptible is a testament to the heartbreaking loss of innocence when a child is forced to be the adult among grownups. Genevieve has done a masterful job with this book. To read a few pages from it (in sequence), check out this preview.

Oh, and there's this, from someone a little more eloquent than I:

"With mesmerizing honesty Castrée resurrects the obscenely disorienting turning points of a childhood, the ones that haunt a person for a lifetime. After reading the last page I closed the book and wept a little bit about its simple, perfect ending." –Miranda July, author of It Chooses You and No One Belongs Here More Than You

And so, it is my delight to announce that, in February and March, Geneviève Castrée will be hitting Great Bookstores Near You on the east and west coasts of North America to celebrate the release of Susceptible. Books don't hit stores until Tuesday February 19th, but the lucky ducks in cities she's visiting will be able to get their paws on a copy before that! Find Geneviève at....

Skylight Books, Los Angeles, CA: Friday February 15 at 7:30 pm
Quimby's, Chicago, IL: Saturday February 16 at 7 pm
The Beguiling, Toronto, ON: Monday February 18 at 7 pm
Librairie D+Q, Montreal, QC: Tuesday February 19 at 7 pm
Desert Island, Brooklyn, NY: Wednesday February 20 at 7 pm
Floating World Comics, Portland, OR: Thursday March 7 from 6-9 pm
Fantagraphics Bookstore & Gallery, Seattle, WA: Saturday March 9 from 6-9 pm

You won't want to miss out on this one, folks. Susceptible is an early contender for the most beautiful, moving, and perhaps even inspiring book of the year!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Miriam Katin's LETTING IT GO in the house!

Look what arrived today via courier! LETTING IT GO, which is Miriam Katin's follow-up to her acclaimed debut WE ARE ON OUR OWN, which came out in 2005. We were all ooing and aahing over how gorgeous her cover design is. Bold, simple and striking.

To know Miriam is to adore Miriam. Tracy designed these gorgeous endpapers, which caused me to chuckle, because Miriam is known to email photos of the birds who visit her ledge in Washington Heights.

Speaking of, here's a photo she sent me last year in an email with the subject heading "Friday evening about 7:00 Washington Heights" and her email said: "See why I am so inspired." ADORE!

WE ARE ON OWN was one of the first books we published after I started at D+Q in 2003 that was by a brand new author.  When you see Miriam's gorgeous pencils, it's easy to see why the Chief was enamored of her cartooning.  LETTING IT GO features Miriam's pencils in full color, and she adopts a flowing panel-less style, allowing her drawings to really come alive.

Her portrait of a sunset in vivid hues of red, yellow and orange is simply amazing.

Now is that a splash page or what?!  LETTING IT GO is the first of six original graphic novels to be published by D+Q in 2013, seven if you include a translated title. You know the first four: SUSCEPTIBLE by Genevieve Castree,  LETTING IT GO; THE PROPERTY By Rutu Modan  and MARBLE SEASON By Gilbert Hernandez.  What are the other three?  You'll have to wait until we announce our Fall list. Soon, I promise, soon.

PS Have I told you how much I love my job lately?  THESE CARTOONISTS ARE AMAZING, Y'ALL!

D+Q to Publish Sarah Glidden's ROLLING BLACKOUTS

Drawn & Quarterly has acquired world rights to Sarah Glidden’s next graphic novel, ROLLING BLACKOUTS, it was announced today by Tom Devlin, Creative Director and Acquiring Editor of Drawn & Quarterly.

“There is an honest simplicity in Sarah’s approach that makes you trust her--it draws you in. She’s not out for grand truths or over-the-top laughs,” said Devlin. “She crafts subtle and rich stories by asking questions but not demanding answers. She brings you along on her search. You learn with her. It's an exciting approach to comics journalism.“

To be released in Fall 2014, ROLLING BLACKOUTS follows Glidden to the Middle East with friends from a journalist collective, traveling to Turkey, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. Glidden draws the portrait of a relationship between two childhood friends; one who is a journalist staunchly opposed to the Iraq war and the other a Marine who fought in the war. In doing so, Glidden explores the legacy of the war in Iraq and how it has changed people's lives, throughout the region and back at home.

With only a few mini-comics under her belt, Glidden made the auspicious debut HOW TO UNDERSTAND ISRAEL IN 60 DAYS OR LESS and instantly was on everyone’s radar as a cartoonist to watch. This memoir about her Birthright Trip to Israel won an Ignatz Award when serialized as a minicomic in 2008 and was published as a graphic novel in 2010 in six languages. Her short pieces of graphic journalism have been published in print and online on Cartoon Movement, Ha’aretz, Symbolia Magazine, and the Jewish Quarterly. In 2012, she was an artist in residence at the Maison des Auteurs in Angoulême, France and she was honored with the Maisie Kukoc Award for Comics Inspiration. Her website is www.sarahglidden.com.

ROLLING BLACKOUTS will be distributed in the U.S. by Farrar, Straus & Giroux and in Canada by Raincoast Books. International rights are represented by Samantha Haywood of the Transatlantic Literary Agency. Glidden was represented by Bob Mecoy of Creative Book Services in negotiations. ###
Tuesday, January 15, 2013


It seems like with the power of the social media everyone not only knows about this already but has already stuffed a few of those Keith Jones steamed dogs in their greedy mouths. Lord knows, I'm trying to dream up some kind of fake reason to go to Toronto so I can huff dog vapor and scarf poutine ala Jonesy. Man oh man, cartoonists, please open more restaurants because other than the burn marks on your arms (I don't like) it is my dream to eat in a vibrating food palace EVERY DAY! {More pics here.

The Freddie Stories

Freddie is back! The original 1999 edition of one of Lynda Barry's best books is back in print, except it all sort of seems like a brand new book with this completely redesigned and reworked edition. As with her recent books, Lynda has added a series of mesmerizing color pattern backgrounds to each page, like this:

The book consists of a series of short comics, each representing an episode in Freddie's life. Some of this is absolutely brutal and heartbreaking stuff -- there are few writers in any medium who can convey the harsh reality of adolescence as effectively as Lynda can.

In fact, there are few writers, period, who can write as well as Lynda. Read these samples here and see for yourself. 

I love how Lynda can make giant captions, sometimes two or three times the size of the artwork in a panel, and still make it work every time.

And there's more! As if these lush backgrounds weren't enough, Lynda has also written a 7 page Afterword. AND she has also added almost fifty (yes, 50) additional pages that never made it to the original edition. It's part of a section she calls "The Lost Stories."

In stores next Tuesday, January 22!


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