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Friday, November 29, 2013

D+Q Sale Suggestions: CO-MIX

TGIF, everybody! If you're in America, I hope you're staying safe today. Why not relax, curl up with your laptop, and check out our comparatively peaceful ongoing holiday sale? We're offering a c-r-a-z-y 40% off everything in our web store until Monday, December 2nd.

Glorious Co-Mix!

Today, I suggest you invest in Co-Mix: A Retrospective of Comics, Graphics, and Scraps, by Art Spiegelman. Why? Well, most obviously, it's huge, hardcover, and absolutely full of images- we're talking some serious bang-for-your-buck. But the content is what's truly special. This is a career-spanning compilation, and you'll be hard-pressed to find a cartoonist with a more varied, long-lasting career than Spiegelman's. Co-Mix includes pull-outs and out-of-print stuff reproduced at size, and is really like someone's entire enviable comics collection made portable. If you even kind of like comics, I think you should have this book (and then you will begin to love comics).

Here's a page from Two-Fisted Painters, including in Co-Mix

And here are some kind words from the experts:
"Exploring the breadth of his work, [Co-Mix] shows that, perhaps more than any other single artist, Spiegelman has energized the range of emotional possibility in comics." SF Weekly

"What’s refreshing about Co-Mix is the level to which it demonstrates Art’s diversity. While many retrospective publications like to show off just the one creative direction, this revels in the frenetic intellectual talent that produced the graphic novel’s finest example, his borrowing of other artist’s stylistic traits and turning them into something altogether more powerful. Even the great Art Spiegelman had influences." It's Nice That

Plus, in late breaking news, Co-Mix was included in the New York Times's Holiday Gift Guide(!!), where Roberta Smith says:

"This book accompanies the first museum retrospective of Art Spiegelman, the genius cartoonist and creator of “Maus,” a graphic novel about his parents’ lives during the Holocaust that made the genre an accepted literary form. Designed with Mr. Spiegelman’s help, it has the tall, narrow proportions of Raw, the short-lived comics quarterly that he founded in 1980 with his wife, Françoise Mouly. Flanked by short essays by the film critic J. Hoberman and Robert Storr, dean of the Yale University School of Art, its images form a chronological sampling of Mr. Spiegelman’s extraordinary imagination, including his precocious early work, underground comics, preparatory notes and sketches for “Maus,” indelible covers for The New Yorker, lithographic efforts and much else."

Now also seems like a good time to share this awesome photo of Art being Art at Lakeland College:

Photo by Robby Frias, Lakeland College

Co-Mix is one of those jam-packed, oversized treasures you stare at longingly in your local bookshop, hoping someone who gets you will someday offer it to you as a gift. Well, no more! It's 40% off, so head over to our web store and take charge!
Thursday, November 28, 2013


Happy Thanksgiving, American friends! If you need a moment to rest your turkey-filled self before returning to the festivities, might I suggest checking out our massive holiday sale? EVERYTHING in our web store is 40% off until next Monday, December 2nd. We're beating the Black Friday sales by starting ours early- and you don't even have to get out of your pajamas.

My suggestion of the day is Rookie Yearbook Two, edited by the inimitable, brilliant, seventeen-year-old Tavi Gevinson. If you're unfamiliar, head on over to rookiemag.com and immerse yourself in the aesthetically pleasing, highly intelligent, entirely relatable world her and her team of mostly teen writers, illustrators, and photographers have created. Sometimes I feel strange bringing Tavi's age up when I gush about Rookie to someone, because her accomplishments are admirable for someone any amount of years old. But then I think it's important to acknowledge that young people are capable of fantastic things. I've heard an uncountable number of women ages 25+ lament over not having had Rookie as a teen, and then admit they read the site and books anyway because they're still relevant to them.

Rookie Yearbook Two is full of rad extras and interviews (Chris Ware!) and it's beautiful to hold. I think of it as a meticulously designed collaboration that the reader is part of: cover it in stickers; tuck letters and flowers between the pages; make it emblematic of your own year, too. Really, it belongs in every teen's lair.

Now, on to the praise of others:
The Walrus: "Rookie doesn’t bend to accommodate outside audiences, nor does it bend to accommodate outside ideals. [...] Rookie overturns the myth of the two-dimensional superwoman."

Boing Boing: "Gevinson has tapped into a network of young, exuberant writers whose insight, attitude and compassion are matched by their distinctive voices and points-of-view."

This one from Irish Times sums it up: "Rookie is funny and feminist, irreverent and inclusive, and it treats its young readers with respect and understanding."

Rookie is very important to me. I could talk to you about it all day long. Or you can head over to our web store and find out all about it for yourself. At these prices, you can pick up both Yearbooks for just a little more than the price of one!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

D+Q Sale Suggestions: WOMAN REBEL

Hey, guys. Have you checked out our massive holiday sale yet? We're offering 40 percent off everything in our web store until Monday, December 2nd- including all titles released in 2013. It's crazy, we know. Maybe you're overwhelmed. We recently posted a round-up of this year's beautiful titles, but my pick o' the day is Peter Bagge's Woman Rebel: The Margaret Sanger Story.

What I like about Woman Rebel, and Peter's cartooning style in general, is how emotive every character  is: they're either over the moon or viciously angry, and it's especially nice in biographical writing, when it's so crucial a person be brought to life. I'm also thrilled at his decision to tackle such a highly controversial real-life woman, and think the result is a pretty bad-ass book! 

And the experts? Paste rated Woman Rebel an 8.8/10, raving: "[Woman Rebel has] a rich illustrative vocabulary that makes use of the classical comic forms of exaggeration. The overblown aesthetic also fits perfectly with the story of a woman who pissed off everyone she knew on a regular basis." And Publishers Weekly says: "Bagge continues to apply his unique punk aesthetic and razor-sharp wit to subject matter that’s just as engaging today as grunge culture was during the ’90s. With Woman Rebel, he turns his eye to a subject who, like the artist himself, is sometimes obscured and underappreciated." 

They're right- Peter Bagge ought to be more appreciated. If you're unfamiliar, listen to him speak on RiYL or on Gweek. Read his interviews in The National Post or in Dig. The man knows what he's talking about, and what he's doing. Did you know Woman Rebel spent three weeks on the New York Times bestseller list?! From a new review on The Comics Journal: "Woman Rebel shows that Bagge is more than capable of producing the sort of nuanced, insightful, informative, and entertaining story this sort of material requires."

He sure is. So hit up our web store and find out what all the hype's about! 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Anders Nilsen events in Chicago and Minneapolis! Plus D+Q sale suggestions

Well well well, it looks like Anders Nilsen is headed for a petite tour in the next few months for his beautiful, insightful, wry, and accordion-format book, Rage of Poseidon. First up: Minneapolis and Chicago launches next month!

Friday December 6th, 7 pm
Minnesota Center for Book Arts, 1011 Washington Ave.
Book Arts Round Table: "Isaac and Abraham and Video Games"

Sunday December 15, 4 pm 
City Lit Books, 2523 N. Kedzie Blvd.
Reading, Q&A hosted by Jessica Hopper, and signing

While I've been testing out different ways of displaying my copy of the book at home, praise for Rage of Poseidon has been rolling in.

Way back in October, Publishers Weekly gave it a starred review, saying, "The book showcases Nilsen’s ability to play with the characters’ frustrations and hopes; it serves as a reminder of how durable the underlying myths and stories are, as well as how timeless human dreams and disappointments can be. The silhouette-heavy art is spellbinding […Rage of Poseidon is] an art object as well as a haunting collection of stories."

J Caleb Mozzocco at Robot 6 calls Rage of Poseidon Anders Nilsen's "most readily accessible work to date." He adds, "But whether writing through birds or gods, the mundane or the divine, Nilsen’s true subject matter remains much the same: explorations of metaphysical and existential concerns..."

Over at The Comics Journal, Sean Rogers reports on the silhouette images that the book is comprised of: "Nilsen’s uncanny depictions of a table strewn with bottles, or a suburban landscape drowned in fathoms of inky water... render the everyday shocking and odd, endowing it with a crisp and vivid unfamiliarity."

And on a similar note, Asia Harvey at Project Space glows: "The shadowy drawings are by necessity pared down to their most basic—and most revealing—elements... Nilsen’s unwillingness to disclose superfluous visual details forces the reader to imagine what lurks in the undefined darkness."

Finally, and perhaps most relevantly, the Manitou Messenger's Nick Bowlin turns in a report on Anders' visit last week: "By combining Christian stories, Greek myths and real-life situations, Anders Nilsen created a fascinating graphic novel that mixes the ancient and the modern."

And as if that ain't enough, in case you've forgotten since yesterday...

Oh yes we ARE having a web sale, which means you can get your paws on Big Questions, Don't Go Where I Can't Follow, Dogs & Water, or even Rage of Poseidon for a whopping 40% off if you order through our webstore between now and December 2nd. Do it!
Monday, November 25, 2013

Is there a better way to start your holiday week off than with a Tom Gauld Thanksgiving New Yorker cover?

I really can't think of one.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to thee Tom Gauld's first New Yorker cover. Is it ever a doozy!

Read an interview with Briton Tom Gauld about how he doesn't "get" American Thanksgiving over at the New Yorker website. Us too, man, us too.

And now is a great chance to remind you that both of Tom's gorgeous, wryly funny, expertly crosshatched books (Goliath and You're all just Jealous of my Jetpack) are on sale this week in our webshop. Gogogogogo!


Drawn & Quarterly is having a holiday sale! We're beating the Black Friday rushes by starting ours early. Buy any item from our web store* and receive a b-a-n-a-n-a-s 40% discount, from today (Monday November 25th) until Monday December 2nd!

* Yes, any item! This sale includes books, comics, posters, and more. And, since all our 2013 titles are now in warehouses in the US and Canada, every awesome title you've thought about buying this year is also available at a sale price. Here's another look: some seven original graphic novels, one comic book, six Canadian titles, seven translations, three reprints-with-extras, and five Moomin titles, amongst strip collections, two Petits Livres of paintings, the retrospective of a master cartoonist, and a collection edited by a brilliant teenager.

Susceptible Geneviève Castrée -  February 19
Cave~In Brian Ralph - February 19
Moomin Falls in Love Tove Jansson - March 5
Moomin Builds a House Tove Jansson - March 5 
Letting It Go Miriam Katin - March 19

Marble Season Gilbert Hernandez - April 16
You're All Just Jealous of My Jetpack Tom Gauld - April 30
The Property Rutu Modan - May 14
My Dirty Dumb Eyes Lisa Hanawalt - May 28
The Playboy Chester Brown - May 28

Paying For It Chester Brown - May 28
Nancy Volume 4 John Stanley - June 11
A User's Guide to Neglectful Parenting Guy Delisle - June 11
Animals with Sharpies Michael Dumontier and Neil Farber - June 18
Optic Nerve 13 Adrian Tomine - July 31

Kitaro Shigeru Mizuki - August 6
Anna and Froga: I dunno... what do you want to do? Anouk Ricard - August 6
Reggie-12 Brian Ralph - September 3
Co-Mix: A Retrospective of Comics, Graphics, and Scraps Art Spiegelman - September 17
Pippi Fixes Everything Astrid Lingren - September 30

Rookie Yearbook Two Tavi Gevinson - October 1
Louis Riel: Tenth Anniversary Edition Chester Brown - October 1
Moomin and the Comet Tove Jansson - October 1
Moomin and the Sea Tove Jansson - October 1
Palookaville 21 Seth - October 8

Sunday Night Movies Leanne Shapton - October 8
Woman Rebel: The Margaret Sanger Story Peter Bagge - October 15
Moomin Volume 8 Lars Jansson - October 29
Rage of Poseidon Anders Nilsen - October 29
Showa: A History of Japan 1926-1939 Shigeru Mizuki - November 12

All of this and more (like, all the books we have in stock in our webstore). 40% off! What are you waiting for?!

P.S. If you're Montreal-based, you can also come into our store this week and save! All Drawn & Quarterly-published books and comics are on sale for 25% off at the Librairie Drawn & Quarterly (211 Bernard O. in Mile End)!
Friday, November 22, 2013

WORN Fashion Journal launch party in Toronto!

Hey, Toronto Wornettes! Tomorrow, Saturday, November 23rd, you're invited to dance with danger at WORN Fashion Journal's Black Cat Ball, a launch party for the magazine's seventeenth issue! Doors open at 9 pm at Dovercourt House, 805 Dovercourt Road.

Wear your black-and-white best; come with a date, or come with your wild self. There's going to be a swingin' dance party and an awesome raffle featuring prizes from a number of great sponsors, including a little somethin' from D+Q. Read all about it on WORN's blog and make sure to hit 'attending' on the Facebook event.

Admission is 15$ and includes a copy of WORN Issue 17 and a special discount code from Hailo for your cab ride home. For 20$, you'll get all this and your very own cat eat headband. Or you can enjoy the perks of planning ahead and purchase a 10$ advance ticket at wornjournal.com or in person at Type Books, Queen Street location.

See ya there, alley cats! 

Mark your calendars, Chicago: Rookie's coming to party!

Chicago Rookies! We all know that December is the most party-heavy month of the year, so we're giving you advance notice about this one. You're invited to sing, dance, and raise your Yearbook Two proudly at Saki, Saturday December 7th! There'll be readings by Tavi and Chicago Rookies, a dance party, and live music from a super special band, to be announced.

Here's a reminder for you to print out and paste into your calendar:

That's: Saturday December 7th, 6 to 9 pm at Saki (3716 W. Fullerton Ave.) in Logan Square, Chicago. 
Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Peter Bagge, Miriam Katin, & Vanessa Davis in Miami

The Miami Book Fair is in full swing down Florida way, and we've got three Drawn & Quarterly authors in attendance for all your book-learning needs this weekend: Peter Bagge, Vanessa Davis, and Miriam Katin!

You'll be able to catch Peter Bagge repping Woman Rebel: The Margaret Sanger Story at two panels on Saturday November 23rd. Handily both are in the same room - the Centre Gallery (Building 1) on the 3rd floor in room 1365.

The first is at 11 am, and it's "Making Music with Comics" featuring Peter Bagge, Ed Piskor (Hip Hop Family Tree), Paul Pope (Battling Boy), Vivew Tiwary (The Fifth Beatle), and moderated by former Vertigo editor Joan Hilty. The second is at 2 pm, and it's "Visionaries Real and Imagined" featuring Peter Bagge, Ben Katchor (Hand-Drying in America), and Gene Luen Yang (Boxers/Saints). Those are some stellar lineups of cartoonists, y'all.

And that's not all! The next day, why not sneak back up to the same room? Sunday November 24th at 12:30 pm in the Centre Gallery's room 1365 on the third floor, the Miami Book Fair presents "Graphic Details: Confessional Comics by Jewish Women." On hand to discuss their work: Vanessa Davis (Make Me a Woman), Miriam Katin (Letting It Go), Diane Noomin (DiDi Glitz), Ariel Schrag (Potential), and exhibit co-curator Michael Kaminer. This panel of dauntingly awesome Jewish cartoonists will be moderated by Professor Laurie Schrage.

All panels are followed by signings, so get down there Bagge/Davis/Katin fans, and bring your books - or pick 'em up at the show. We won't be there but the Miami Book Fair's official retailer, Books & Books, will have plenty of copies of Woman Rebel: The Margaret Sanger Story, Make Me a Woman, Letting It Go, and We Are On Our Own to sell you. Have a wonderful comics-y weekend, Miamiites.
Saturday, November 16, 2013

You're invited to a ROOKIE x Urban Outfitters pizza party this afternoon, San Francisco!

Hey, San Francisco! Rookie is teaming up with Urban Outfitters to host an awesome afternoon in celebration of Rookie Yearbook Two, and there's pizza involved. Pizza, a live set by Summer Twins, and readings by lovely ladies Elizabeth Spiridakis, Dylan Rupert, and Tavi. Pizza, drinks, and lots and lots of candy.

It's all happening this afternoon, November 16th, in Urban Outfitters at 80 Powell Street, from 3-5pm. Here is the Facebook event and here is your formal invitation. And here is Rookie's 'Actually Useful Article About Dressing for a Party', because this is most definitely going to be a party

It'll probably look something like this:

Seattle via Rookie's Instagram

Toronto via our Instagram 

And hey, California-Oregon-Washington State Rookies, if you're bummed at having missed the events last weekend, this might be a good opportunity for a beautiful road trip along the coast, hmm?
Friday, November 15, 2013

Lakeland College does comics

This here is what we call a double whammy of comics awesomeness, people of Lakeland College and Sheboygan, Wisconsin!

First, today marks the unofficial opening of the "Reconstructing Comics: Explorations in Sequential Art" exhibit. This exhibit features artwork by a whopping seven cartoonists (three of whom are D+Qers!): Derik Badman, Ivan Brunetti, Vanessa Davis (Make Me A Woman), Aidan Koch, Andrei Molotiu, Anders Nilsen (he of the brand new Rage of Poseidon), and John Porcellino (King-Cat Classix, Perfect Example and more).

Anders Nilsen is displaying a selection of originals from Big Questions and The End. Whatever John P and Vanessa D have in store for you, I'm sure it's equally wonderful and thoughtful about the art form of comics. I'm fully jealous of all you midwesterners who get to go.

Cuz if that's not enough for you, on Monday, you have the official opening of the exhibit with a reception from 6:30 to 7:30 pm. After that, no big deal, but there is a talk by Art Spiegelman!

Art will be giving his "What the %@&*! Happened to Comics?" lecture, which I'm sure I don't need to tell you is one of the most entertaining and insightful comics history discussions imaginable. Tickets for the lecture are $10 and can be purchased by calling (920) 565-1536. His appearance is part of Lakeland's Krueger Fine Arts Series. The lecture takes place in the Bradley Theatre at 7:30 pm on Monday November 18th.

The exhibit will be up until December 12, 2013. 

D+Q chez nous - Expozine this weekend in Montreal!

Guys, it's Expozine this weekend! Which means a whole lotta cartoonists and zinesters are gracing Montreal with their presence and their flawlessly photocopied, risographed, and silkscreened paper awesomeness.

Oh, and it means our eyes (and yours) have been graced with a Julie-Doucet-collaged poster promoting Montreal's premiere small press fair!

Now, on to the facts. For the manyth year in a row, Drawn & Quarterly is proud to sponsor Expozine, and to have a booth at the fair itself. We love this hometown show and hope to see a lot of our local pals there.

Come on down this Saturday November 16 and Sunday November 17th from 12 to 6 pm in the Eglise Saint-Enfant-Jesus (5035 St-Dominique) at Laurier and Saint-Laurent behind that cute little park. Say hi to Alex and Tom, pick up a copy of an awesome D+Q book, and be proud that you are supporting some sweet indie bookmakers.

P.S. If you're in town just for Expozine, why not check out our Librairie (that's bookstore for you out-of-towners)'s fine selection of pre- and post-Expozine book launches?
Thursday, November 14, 2013

LA, you've gotta see Chris Ware talk tonight!

Los Angeles: Chris Ware will be speaking at UCLA tonight, November 14th, at 7:30 pm. For free.

Chris Ware's self portrait

I probably don't need to convince you that this will be an incredible event, but I'm going to gush on, because Chris Ware is one of today's very best cartoonists, and one of my personal favourites. Hearing Chris Ware speak makes you appreciate his comics even more (if that's possible), and in an entirely different way. It's obvious that's he a brilliant man with a beautiful vocabulary- see this interview with him in Rookie Yearbook Two- but he is also incredibly insightful and inspiring about life, art, humans, and everything, really. Tonight he will be joined in conversation by Michael Silverblatt, host of literary radio show KCRW’s Bookworm. You will leave feeling enlightened, I promise you.

From ACME Novelty Library 20, "Lint"

Full event details are here. The event is happening in the Lenart Auditorium at Fowler Museum on UCLA's North Campus.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

BEAUTIFUL DARKNESS advances in the office

We've moved this book to a February 25th 2014 release date so this is waaaay ahead of time but we just got these beauties in the office. Almost three years ago Peggy and I went to Angouleme and one of the Reprodukt guys (Sebastian, Christian—I forget who!) recommended that I check out this book Jolies Tenebres. Then I bumped into Paul Gravett and said "have you heard of?" and he said " I love that book!" and I still weirdly wasn't sure but I brought it home and Chris read it and said "oh, this is very good" so we had Helge Dascher translate it and I read it and said "agreed!" and then we asked the artists Kerascoët to do a new cover and then asked Ray Fenwick to knock out a new title treatment and this many years later here it is. And it is very good and very creepy and you will read it and not sleep very well for a bit but it'll be worth it.

I'm trying not to give anything away. Hopefully you can see the blending of the cartoony characters with the more lush foliage watercoloring. Maybe see what this Publisher's Weekly Starred Review has to say, hmmm?

Oh, check these awesome blurbs as well.

“A brilliant premise executed with panache. Vehlmann and Kerascoët’s fairy world has the offhand cruelty of the Alice books and the offhand sweetness of Moominland—Donahey’s Teeny Weenies and The Borrowers can be felt here too—and yet it really seems without precedent, every page a surprise in style and form and content.”—John Crowley, author of Little, Big and Aegypt

“A fairytale where the darkness is only natural: the real world of Beautiful Darkness not only includes but embraces decay, calm indifference, and animals who act like animals, just like life—and death. And neither its prince or princess are quite what we expect. Read it outdoors for maximum effect.” —Kathe Koja, author of The Cipher and Under the Poppy

Toronto: let Chester Brown lecture you at the AGO tonight!

Image via artmatters.ca

The Art Gallery of Ontario does a good job listing Chester Brown's many, many accomplishments: "For over two decades, Chester Brown has been one of Canada's leading cartoonists, known nationally and internationally for such works as Yummy Fur, Ed the Happy Clown, I Never Liked You, and Paying for It. 2013 marks the 10th anniversary of the publication of his innovative and highly influential Louis Riel: A Comic-Strip Biography, published to widespread critical acclaim." Yep, Chester's a pretty important guy in comics, and he's going to be giving this year's (free) McCready Lecture tonight, November 13th, at the AGO!

I helped put together the slideshow for this illustrated talk and people, there are some golden oldie photographs of Chester, Seth, and Joe Matt that'll warm your little heart. Here's one we shared on Instagram recently. So there's that, and you get to peek at Chester's sketches, peep his influences through his personal comics collection, and listen to him say all the brilliant things he has to say.

Oh, and guess what just went live?! A Q&A with Chester at the Quill & Quire, where he answers this most pressing question:

What will you discuss at the McCready lecture? My friendships with other cartoonists and how they’ve influenced how I do things – in particular, my friendship with Seth [who will introduce Brown at the event] and Joe Matt. I’ll talk about why I wanted to get into cartooning and show some teenage stuff no one has ever seen before. - See more at: http://www.quillandquire.com/blog/index.php/authors/qa-chester-brown-on-the-10th-anniversary-of-louis-riel/?utm_source=website&utm_campaign=wordtwit&utm_medium=web#sthash.FQYDu3XA.dpuf
What will you discuss at the McCready lecture? My friendships with other cartoonists and how they’ve influenced how I do things – in particular, my friendship with Seth [who will introduce Brown at the event] and Joe Matt. I’ll talk about why I wanted to get into cartooning and show some teenage stuff no one has ever seen before. - See more at: http://www.quillandquire.com/blog/index.php/authors/qa-chester-brown-on-the-10th-anniversary-of-louis-riel/?utm_source=website&utm_campaign=wordtwit&utm_medium=web#sthash.FQYDu3XA.dpuf

What will you discuss at the McCready lecture? 

My friendships with other cartoonists and how they’ve influenced how I do things – in particular, my friendship with Seth [who will introduce Brown at the event] and Joe Matt. I’ll talk about why I wanted to get into cartooning and show some teenage stuff no one has ever seen before.

Image via artmatters.ca

Introducing Chester Brown will be the AGO's Canadian Art curator Andrew Hunter and fellow pretty-important-guy-in-comics, Seth. I have the feeling it's going to be a perfect evening, and I suggest getting there early.

If you can't make this talk, I'd like to remind you that the Chester Brown & Louis Riel exhibit is up and will be until September 2014.
Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Just love it all

I tried to get Jade to cut out Putnam Gray's face so she could stick hers through the hole, but as soon as the words slipped out of my mouth, I felt ashamed for even suggesting we destroy a Chris Ware comic. Ephemeral broadsheet or not, it's still ruuuuude.

Anyway this new Smoke Signal has butt-loads of great stuff in it. Not only this stun ning cover comic from Chris, but also pieces from M. DeForge and Dan Zettwoch ---------/

Peggy grabbed these for us office dwellers while at CAB last weekend (thanks, Peg! You're the very best), but her bags were stuffed with enough to share, plus a whole bunch more loot…

Go comics! You're all I have. If you live in Montreal and are super bummed you didn't make it to CAB last weekend like me, get yourself amped for Expozine this weekend with a trip to our store at 211 Bernard! A couple of these will be available for purchase this weekend; the rest will be on the shelves next week!

Please, judge this book by its cover—Showa 1926–1939: A History of Japan

Not too shabby, right? What's inside ain't too bad either. Showa 1926-1939: A History of Japan is not one to be missed if you like comics, history, culture…or really care about literature in any way. Lucky for you, it's in stores today

Within Showa, Shigeru Mizuki managages to tell an extensive political history of the period leading up to World War II…

While also giving the reader a slice of what life was like for the average Japanese citizen during these trying years.

All wrapped up in a pretty stunning package. 

With many full-page spreads of Mizuki's stunning art. 

In Showa, Mizuki blends his cartoon and realistic drawing styles so well—there's harshness and grit and loud sound effects…

but there are also a lot of subtle nostalgic passages, and the whole thing is rather beautiful despite its subject matter.

Showa 1926-1939 is our first title translated by the terrific Zack Davisson, who will be working on the entire Showa series for you, dear English readers. Why not follow him on Twitter as a thank you? He posts all kinds of cool Mizuki-related stuff.

You probably don't need to be reminded that Shigeru Mizuki is one of Japan (and the whole world)'s best-loved cartoonists, but I am going to remind you with this short-and-sweet quote from The Globe and Mail: "Shigeru Mizuki is one of Japan's greatest illustrators, a master of both realism and manga."

No go. Buy. Be mesmerized.


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