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Wednesday, January 29, 2014


So now officially across North America, Michael DeForge's ANT COLONY is for sale everywhere. After a fantastic Monday night launch with the fine folks at the Beguiling, he heads to Montreal and then to Halifax's Strange Adventures, and hits the USA next week. Don't miss! Seriously, it's not every day that a comic gets reviewed by the Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, Montreal Gazette, Harper's Magazine, Nerdist, AV Club, the aforementioned reviews in Toronto's NOW and Las Vegas Weekly and more within days of its release. DeForge also spoke to the National Post breaking down his art panel by panel, Cult Montreal and to Comic Book Resources. So if you're one of the few unconvinced read on...

"DeForge always seems utterly in control — from the dreamscape-on-drugs palette of electric blues, acid tangerines and lemon yellows, to the deft world-building worthy of Jack Kirby, to the winged terrors that nod to manga horror master Kazuo Umezu. This cartoonist warmly bows to his elders, even when flinging its cellular goo in the dramatic style of Krazy Kat...DeForge is apparently of our species, but as a keen observer of multifaceted behavior, perhaps no cartoonist has a better compound eye."–Michael Cavna, The Washington Post

"[ANT COLONY] is ...absurd and existential...[DeForge] grants no victors and no spoils."–Christine Smallwood, Harper's Magazine

"Ant Colony goes beyond any of his previous work, laying out the psychosexual hang-ups and strange power dynamics of characters who are as deep and complicated as an anthill’s network of caves."–David Berry, National Post

"ANT COLONY is a sort of life-during-wartime love story in which the characters happen to be stylized ants, centipedes and spiders inhabiting a world rendered with outsized surreal flair."–Ian McGillis, Montreal Gazette

"With its striking design, strong characters and parallel references to kiddie-fare animal antics and soul-crushing adult decisions, ANT COLONY is compelling work."–Jake Austen, Chicago Tribune

"With an unusual style that is equal parts adorable, grotesque, psychedelic, and earthy, DeForge tells an epic story...the hallucinatory imagery works wonderfully with the emotional honestly of the writing to make ANT COLONY an outstanding spectacle with personality and depth."–Oliver Sava, The AV Club

"A book this thought-provoking and gorgeous deserves acclaim."–Hillary Brown, Paste

"Every so often a book comes along that knocks you flat on your ass and makes you wonder where the hell you’ve been and why you haven’t seen anything like it sooner. Ant Colony is exactly that kind of book...an intensely charismatic, thoughtful, evocative little world that DeForge has filled with memorable characters, burning philosophical questions, and moments of true humanity that shine through the stylized thoraxes and angled antennae of his kooky creations. The year may be young, but I am confident when I say that this may just be the best graphic novel of 2014."–Dan Casey, Nerdist

I swear I have been working on this blog post all day, and every time I go to post, a new, glorious review is posted.  Congratulations, Michael!!!!!


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