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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Diane Obomsawin and Seth Scriver screenings = fun in Quebec and Montreal tonight!

Tonight you have two blissful opportunities, Quebec, to admire the animating chops of some Canuck cartoonists.

In Quebec City, Diane Obomsawin has a vernissage for an exhibit called La Forêt at 7 pm at La Bande Video.

She's showing three short films, which will be displayed on loop. Together the videos will create the atmosphere of a bewitched, enchanted forest.  Here's what Diane has to say about the exhibit:

"C'est une forêt tantôt calme en apparence où l'on entend le bruissement des feuilles, craquement des branches, l'hululement des hiboux, la brame des cerfs et tantôt une forêt fantasmagorique, tumultueuse et espiègle où tout peut arriver."

Spooky! Tonight! Thursday February 13th, 7 pm at La Bande Video, 541 de Saint-Vallier est in Quebec.

And don't forget, Montreal! You can see Diane next week at the launch party for On Loving Women. Thursday, Feb 20th at 7 pm at the Librairie D+Q!

In Montreal this self-same evening (a.k.a. Thursday February 13th at 7:30 pm), Seth Scriver (Stooge Pile) and Sayne Ehman's movie Asphalt Watches screens at the Phi Centre, gratis! According to the Phi Centre, tickets will be available an hour before the screening on a first come, first serve basis (maximum 4 tickets per person).

As you may recall, Asphalt Watches won Best Canadian First Feature Film at the Toronto International Film Festival last year so this screening is part of a cool series of free offerings from the Phi Centre. Here's the description of the movie: Asphalt Watches is a true story. A feature-length animation based on a real-life hitchhiking trip taken by the two filmmakers, Shayne Ehman and Seth Scriver, Asphalt Watches details the hilarious and harrowing journey of Bucktooth Cloud and Skeleton Hat as they travel eastward across Canada in the summer of 2000.

Ok, Quebeckers, I think we've offered you some good options. Now get out there and admire some Great Canadian Art.


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