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Friday, February 07, 2014

Hey, LA: Anders Nilsen and Michael DeForge are at Skylight Books tonight!

If you missed yesterday's opportunity to see not one, but two! amazing cartoonists speak, you're in luck, California. Michael DeForge and Anders Nilsen are pairing up again in Los Angeles, tonight, Friday February 7th, at Skylight Books. The event begins at 7:30 pm.

Michael will be presenting his brand new Ant Colony; Anders will present his late-2013 beauty, Rage of Poseidon. They'll both be showing slideshows, talking about their work, answering questions- telling jokes? Only time will tell.

There's an excellent new review of Ant Colony and interview with Michael DeForge up at Comics Alliance. Here's an excerpt:

CA: Similarly, a lot of the insect facts feel true and not-quite-right at the same time, kind of like playground insect lore, to the point where I found myself looking up things like whether or not Sweet ‘n Low was actually poisonous to ants. Did you concern yourself much with entomological correctness, which I’m pretty sure isn’t actually a word, or research ant behavior at all? 

MD: I didn’t. I tried to stick only to the weird, vague facts that I half-remembered (like the urban myth about Sweet ‘n Low) and spin everything out from there. In fact, when working on the comic, it felt important to me to not read too much about the makeup of actual ant colonies so it wouldn’t affect how I was setting everything up too much. 

Got your own question for Anders or Michael? Ask them tonight! RSVP on Facebook here.


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