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Monday, March 24, 2014

Adrian Tomine's New York Postcards: hitting your mailboxes this April!

It seems like just yesterday that Adrian Tomine's collection of illustrations New York Drawings waltzed through the door and into people's homes, and we all oohed and aaahed and appreciated Adrian's finesse with the language of images.

Because really, is anyone better than Adrian at crafting a compelling / funny / intelligent / observant / telling-about-the-zeitgeist single panel story? And that's leaving aside his design sense, his deft eye for colour, &c. &c. As you can tell, I'm thrilled to be here showing you a few snaps of New York Postcards, our box set of thirty gorgeous Adrian Tomine postcards.

Here's the top of the box, bevelled edges et al. 

New York Postcards is a greatest hits (so far) compilation of Adrian's most distinctive illos; you'll recognize most of them from New York Drawings but it also includes a few of the popular illustrations Adrian has done in the intervening years since NYD came out. For example, New Yorker covers like the one you see topping the stack here: "Determination", which appeared on newsstands the week of November 12th, 2012 in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

We leave it at your discretion how you choose to display your postcards - stacked neatly in the box or swirled around so you can see all the images at once...

And a little view of the postcard functionality. There is just no way that receiving any one of those lovely little fellas in the mail would fail to make my day one hundred percent more awesome. Not even if, say, I were stuck in the middle of the world's longest winter...

New York Postcards will be in fine book, comics, and stationery shops on Tuesday April 8th, 2014. Also, please note that New York Postcards is debuting at MoCCA Fest! And while Adrian won't be doing any official book launches for the postcard set, he will be signing at the D+Q booth at MoCCA Fest, so keep your eyes on this space for our signing schedule!


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