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Friday, April 11, 2014

MoCCA Arts Festival 2014 photo smatter

Does anyone do photo-reports from the conventions anymore? That seems so 2010. Well, here's a brief nostalgic trip down memory lane before we were all tumblring and instagramming our brains out.

Here we are on the floor of the MoCCA show. Good work, Society of Illustrators. The last time I found myself in the soul-destroying tomb of despair that is the 69th Regiment Armory, it was probably the single dullest convention of my life. Good news! It is no longer that. People who live in New York actually came out to the show. They stopped by and chatted! I-had-fun!

Oh, that photo above? It's the new "planking" with some "photo-bombing" thrown in. I call it "mirroring." You stand near someone and try to mimic their stance until they notice. James Sturm and Tracy do not know what's going on but they are about to and then LOOK OUT! Hilarity.

I had hoped to make this an all Brecht Vandenbroucke photo blog post but other people snuck in. Bah. Here's Brecht and Adrian, heads down, signing those books.

Oh, hello, my Belgian friend! Did you all just get lost in his eyes? I did.

Brecht is kind of enough to do his drawings in pencil so that if you don't like them you can feel free to erase!

Here's Brecht tickled pink that his book White Cube is on display next to Art Spiegelman's Co-Mix. Bill Kartalopoulos and New York Times art director Alexandra Zsigmond look on bemusedly and distractedly, respectively.

Look at that smile on Brecht's face. Hangin' with Art Spiegelman ain't no big deal.

Art had a brief signing on Saturday that was casual and he had a chance to chat with fans like this young man who had a couple of questions about the choices that Art made in Maus.

Little Boy: "But why pigs for Polish people? Do you hate Polish people?"
Art Spiegelman: "SIGNING OVER!!"

SUNDAY MORNING, I went to the High School of Art and Design, Art Spiegelman's alma mater, to see Art give a presentation on his stained-glass style windows in the cafeteria. It was long, hilarious, and discursive, like any Art Spiegelman talk. I swear I would love to hear Art talk on any subject, always funny and smart. Also, Richard Hell was there but I didn't take his picture because I thought he might punch me or something. I momentarily confused him with Mickey Rourke I think.

At the time, I thought that taking a picture of the cafeteria doors would open up a whole photo essay about modern schooling and public art and blar-de-blar but then I didn't take that many pictures.

The man, talking. At one point, Art called Joost Swarte up and Joost talked a bit about the number of stain-glassed window projects he had done in Europe and oh, man, that's a whole talk in itself. Fascinating. Art was very upfront in that he wanted a stain-glassed window like his genius pal Joost.

And here's a pic of Art and Elma Reingold, assistant principal, who was one of the people instrumental in putting the talk together. It really was a great event. Elma was just one of many people who were on it and made us all feel very well taken care of.

People, I am rusty. Look if you want trenchant commentary on the economics of the modern comic convention scene, head on over to Secret Acres. 


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