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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Hey, LA! Catch Mimi Pond at Skylight Books tonight!

Los Angeles: Fabulous LA resident Mimi Pond celebrates her terrific new 'sort-of-memoir' Over Easy tonight, Wednesday April 30th, at Skylight Books. Mimi will be doing a reading accompanied by slideshow with a signing to follow. The fun starts at 7 pm- LAist has the event listed as one of their favourites this week!

Have you heard the interview with Mimi Pond on the LA Review of Books podcast? Or the one on 89.3 KPCC? Listening to Mimi speak about the events that inspired her graphic novel makes the ones in Over Easy come even more to life, if that's possible. You'll learn this tonight!

Whether or not you're in LA, head on over to Reddit at 1 pm PST today for Mimi's Ask Me Anything! From her Facebook page: "Ask me ANYTHING about Over Easy: Worst customers, worst waitress nightmares, favorite drug dealers!" Go wild!!!

"Pond’s deft fusion of bildungsroman, high comedy, and social observation is smart, funny, and downright irresistible. Over Easy is a triumphant return from a cartoonist absent far too long from the scene. It’s good to have her back." The Comics Journal

If you don't yet have your own copy of Over Easy, let this preview over at Art Nerd LA tide you over until you get to Skylight Books tonight!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The WORN Archive: in stores everywhere!

Last week, The WORN Archive: A Fashion Journal About the Art, Ideas, and History of What We Wear stepped out into bookstores across Canada, and today, it's available all over. This inspirational, educational, awe-inspiring book is edited by WORN Fashion Journal's founding editor-in-chief Serah-Marie McMahon and collects the very best material from the magazine's first fourteen issues. It proves that fashion is a personal, creative, intelligent pursuit for absolutely everyone to enjoy. The WORN Archive is nothing short of amazing, and people are right to want to celebrate:

These are the dazzling windows of Type bookstore in Toronto. They were created by artist Kalpna Patel. Photos by Lisa Kannakko.

We've already shown you how beautiful The WORN Archive is on the inside, so I'll keep this post short and just remind you of the fabulous WORN events happening in New York, Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa:

TORONTO, ON: Saturday May 3rd, 9 pm
Secondhand Prom at Adelaide Hall, 205 Adelaide St. W.
Tickets available from TYPE Books (883 Queen St. W.) now! Check out these windows in person when you go buy yours.

NEW YORK, NY: Wednesday May 14th, 7 pm
Housing Works Bookstore Cafe, 126 Crosby St. with WORD
Panel Featuring Strong Female Leads

The appearance of women in publishing is often regarded as a new scientific phenomenon: categorized, ranked, identities reduced to pie charts in the name of diversity. But the lack of diverse voices seen on bylines isn't a new problem; likewise, the emergence of women-run magazines, mastheads, and imprints is not an overnight phenomenon. Women have always been active consumers and producers of all kinds of written media. They've developed strong communities, engaged loyal readers, and built substantial archives - achievements that cannot be measured in numbers and statistics.

This discussion features Ayesha A. Siddiqi, Laurie Henzel, Marjon Carlos, and Serah-Marie McMahon. Our panelists come from various kinds of media - from independent print publishing to brand new digital platforms. Together with moderator Fiona Duncan, they'll discuss their thoughts, experiences, opinions, and goals as women creating space for original kinds of publishing on their own terms and measured by their own standards.

MONTREAL, QC: Thursday May 22nd, 8 pm
Secondhand Prom at La Sala Rossa, 4848 Boul. Saint-Laurent
Tickets available from Librairie D+Q, (211 Bernard O.) now!

OTTAWA, ON: Saturday May 24th, 7 pm to 9 pm
Cocktails and vintage record listening party at Victoire, 246 Dalhousie

In Flavorwire's profile of The WORN Archive, Jason Diamond writes: "From emulating matriarchal style with “The Mom Project,” to pieces on how to properly wash your clothes, what makes The Worn Archive special is that it takes fashion and style and makes them what they should be: empowering. The entire book is filled with articles aimed at letting anybody in on the secret that style and stylishness is attainable. It has fascinating and well-researched articles [...]; it looks great. Put it all together, and you have one very necessary book." This couldn't be more accurate!

Julie Delporte and Pascal Girard hometown launch - Thursday May 15th!

The only thing better than an event at our bookstore here in Montreal with one lovely, talented author is an event with TWO lovely, talented authors. And in a few short weeks, before their books are *officially* available in stores, we are delighted to be doing just that - celebrating Pascal Girard's Petty Theft and Julie Delporte's Everywhere Antennas with a good old fashioned book launch. So mark your datebooks for Thursday May 15th at Librairie D+Q: we couldn't be more excited to welcome these two gifted cartoonists back to the bookstore. Pascal and Julie will be giving presentations, signing books, and meeting fans. 

AND! Both books were just reviewed by the AV Club. Check it: 

"Everywhere Antennas is… [a combination of the narrator's] penciled thoughts (done in beautiful, colored cursive writing) and her drawings and sketches… The story gains depth by tapping into larger social concepts like the refusal of modernity and an attraction to idealistic wishes for having a more simple life, if only for a brief period of time. Everywhere Antennas is fairly simple, but the way it leaves itself open to interpretation gives it its power."

"[In] Petty Theft, Pascal Girard offers up a dry, humorous, and neurotic look at his own dating life… The drawings are done in black and white… and their sketchy, stylized look fits well with the story. Much of the humor comes out in Pascal’s actions, which range from slapstick to irony, and while he and the woman of his dreams may not be made for each other, they make a good graphic novel team."

Now really, how good do these books look together?

All this (and some Good Times) can be yours, when...

Thursday May 15th at 7 pm 
Librairie Drawn & Quarterly
211 Bernard O. 
Monday, April 28, 2014

Michael DeForge on and in Quill & Quire!

Check it out: Michael DeForge is on the cover of the latest Quill & Quire with art from Ant Colony! The feature speaks of his incredible work ethic and his history in comics (so far), saying "Michael DeForge's wickedly weird comics have made him one of the cartooning world's most celebrated new talents." Ain't that the truth! 

This special pre-TCAF comics issue also features a profile of Julie Delporte: "In a culture that often seems to favour hyper-clever, narcissistic realism, it is surprising to encounter an artist as straightforwardly sincere and genuinely unaffected as Julie Delporte" and a glowing review of Diane Obomsawin's On Loving Women: "On Loving Women belongs in every high-school library - as a talking point about the universality of love, to say nothing of the versatility of comics art."

Make sure to click the spread above to view it full-size. And continue watching this space for news about TCAF, happening at the Toronto Reference Library Saturday, May 10th and Sunday, May 11th!
Thursday, April 24, 2014

THE WORN ARCHIVE is in stores now, Canada!

It's here. Its full name is the The WORN Archive: A Fashion Journal about the Art, Ideas, and History of What We Wear, and this compact, 400+ page magic thing packs in even more than its title suggests. The tome, which collects the best material from the beloved magazine's first fourteen issues, and which is assembled by WORN's founder and editor in chief, Serah-Marie McMahon, is really for anyone - because it asserts that fashion is for everyone. The WORN Archive is equal parts handy reference guide (you'll learn, for example, how to tie a tie and have your boots re-heeled), history text (you'll study the significance of safety pins, collars, and more), political paper (you'll engage in discourse on hijab and non-binary gender identity), and inspiring art book (one in which you'll see people that look like people). The result is something that's as intelligent as it is resourceful as it is beautiful- kinda like you, amirite?

Check it out:

In Jane Pratt's introduction from the book, she says that "WORN is reclaiming fashion as something that can be exciting, challenging, different, quirky, interesting, not just as something you have to consume". Exactly!

"This deliciously designed, intelligent, quirky, entertaining, and provocative archive of magazine articles documents Worn’s seven years challenging fashion conventions, celebrating clothing fanatics and designers, and considering how and why we decorate ourselves [...] Artists, makers, and fashionistas will be seduced by the book’s imaginative visuals and astute essays." Publishers Weekly

"Every page is a reminder that clothes aren't just things we buy; they're what we live in"  Flare

"[WORN has] an abundance of striking illustrations by artists including Shea Chang and Sara Guindon jostling next to photoshoots peopled by refreshingly ‘real’ models, with a distinctly feminist undertone to the proceedings [...] it’s a wonderful, heart-warming and funny read; with the layout and design adding to its often anarchic, celebratory, anything-goes tone." Design Week

Don't forget that you can come out to celebrate something great and dance the night away at a second-hand prom in Toronto or Montreal:

TORONTO: Saturday May 3rd, 9 pm to 2 am
Adelaide Hall, 205 Adelaide St. W., with Type Books
Tickets now available from TYPE Books (883 Queen St. W.) 

MONTREAL: Thursday May 22nd, 8pm
La Sala Rossa, 4848 Boul. Saint-Laurent with Librairie Drawn & Quarterly 

Tickets now available from Librairie Drawn & Quarterly (211 Bernard Ouest)

Or grab a copy of WORN and enjoy a cocktail and some great records in Ottawa:

OTTAWA: Saturday, May 24th, 7pm to 9pm
Victoire, 246 Dalhousie Street 

And if you're not in tropical Canada, fret not: The WORN Archive will be in stores everywhere next Tuesday, April 29! 
Thursday, April 17, 2014

D+Q Titles Nominated for Eisner and Doug Wright Awards!

Awards season has begun. Perhaps you didn't know that comics is a glitzy and glamorous business, but we've got trophies and medals too, okay? And we're very proud to announce that a whole bunch of Drawn and Quarterly titles have been nominated for Eisner and Doug Wright awards! Woo-hoo!

(Hot tip: purple books get nominated for awards)

The Doug Wright Awards take place at our beloved Canadian festival, TCAF. Both Geneviève Castrée's Susceptible and Seth's Palookaville 21 have been nominated in the Best Book category! Toronto Comic Arts Festival takes place May 11th and 12th at the Toronto Reference Library. Keep an eye on this space in the next month for more info, and visit the festival's tumblr right now to peep the advances we'll have on hand (they call us "wild" and that's why we like 'em).

The Eisner Awards take place at the cartooning extravaganza that is San Diego Comic-Con (this year, that's July 24th-27th), and six D+Q books are up for prizes! Check it:

Best Short Story: "Go Owls" by Adrian Tomine, from Optic Nerve 13
Best Humor Publication: You're All Just Jealous of My Jetpack by Tom Gauld
Best Reality-Based Work: Woman Rebel by Peter Bagge
Best Graphic Album (New): The Property by Rutu Modan
Best US Edition of Int'l Material-Asia: Showa 1926-1939 by Shigeru Mizuki
Best Comics-Related Book: Co-Mix by Art Spiegelman

Again, stay tuned for more info about Comic-Con. Clicking any of the titles above will give you a lil' preview of what they're all about, if you don't already own and adore these books. Congrats to all of our nominees!

And in honour of Throwback Thursday, here's Shigeru Mizuki with his 2012 Eisner for Onward Towards Our Noble Deaths:

Over Easy is in stores everywhere - catch Mimi Pond in Oakland tonight!

You've seen the previews, ogled the inspirational photos on Mimi Pond's instagram, and counted down the days 'til you could hold it in your hands-- but wait no longer, Over Easy is now in stores everywhere! And to celebrate the release of her fantastic, fast-paced semi-memoir about diners, drugs, and California in the 1970s, Mimi Pond will be in Oakland tonight, Thursday April 17th, at the restaurant that inspired the novel: Mama's Royal Café (4012 Broadway). There will be a reading and slideshow with signing to follow. See you at 7pm!

I'm trying really hard to not use any restaurant puns in this post, so instead, I will share with you some of the wonderful praise Over Easy has already earned:

"For lovers of tawdry tales from the ’70s, told with smarts and sensitivity, Over Easy is a gold mine." —Los Angeles Times

"Pond dishes up a memoir that’s light on the nostalgia and heavy on the humor as she chronicles her time as an awkward art-student-turned-diner-waitress in 1970s Oakland. The book feels like an honest time capsule from a city and era that don’t exist anymore...Her illustrated anecdotes about sexually liberated wait-staff mingling with pretentious punks serve as a sincere ode to the maligned city and decade. I wolfed it down and wished for a second course." —Bitch

"This affecting portrait is filled with well-observed characters... including poetry-writing cooks who are jumping into marriage, and wise-cracking, love-seeking waitresses commiserating over busted romance. This is no rose-colored memoir, though— ...Pond’s work is realistic enough that the characters are familiar, but cartoony enough that we can laugh at their foibles."—Publishers Weekly Starred Review

"Pond is a gifted illustrator....she's also a very funny writer with a pleasingly sardonic voice."—SF Gate

"[Over Easy] functions as a character study, a humorous look into the inner dramas and realities of work, and a snapshot into life in the Bay Area during the late ’70s... the story and characters of Over Easy are bursting with color."—The AV Club 

Don't forget that Mimi's tour continues in Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, and San Diego. RSVP on Facebook here for all the details!
Friday, April 11, 2014

MoCCA Arts Festival 2014 photo smatter

Does anyone do photo-reports from the conventions anymore? That seems so 2010. Well, here's a brief nostalgic trip down memory lane before we were all tumblring and instagramming our brains out.

Here we are on the floor of the MoCCA show. Good work, Society of Illustrators. The last time I found myself in the soul-destroying tomb of despair that is the 69th Regiment Armory, it was probably the single dullest convention of my life. Good news! It is no longer that. People who live in New York actually came out to the show. They stopped by and chatted! I-had-fun!

Oh, that photo above? It's the new "planking" with some "photo-bombing" thrown in. I call it "mirroring." You stand near someone and try to mimic their stance until they notice. James Sturm and Tracy do not know what's going on but they are about to and then LOOK OUT! Hilarity.

I had hoped to make this an all Brecht Vandenbroucke photo blog post but other people snuck in. Bah. Here's Brecht and Adrian, heads down, signing those books.

Oh, hello, my Belgian friend! Did you all just get lost in his eyes? I did.

Brecht is kind of enough to do his drawings in pencil so that if you don't like them you can feel free to erase!

Here's Brecht tickled pink that his book White Cube is on display next to Art Spiegelman's Co-Mix. Bill Kartalopoulos and New York Times art director Alexandra Zsigmond look on bemusedly and distractedly, respectively.

Look at that smile on Brecht's face. Hangin' with Art Spiegelman ain't no big deal.

Art had a brief signing on Saturday that was casual and he had a chance to chat with fans like this young man who had a couple of questions about the choices that Art made in Maus.

Little Boy: "But why pigs for Polish people? Do you hate Polish people?"
Art Spiegelman: "SIGNING OVER!!"

SUNDAY MORNING, I went to the High School of Art and Design, Art Spiegelman's alma mater, to see Art give a presentation on his stained-glass style windows in the cafeteria. It was long, hilarious, and discursive, like any Art Spiegelman talk. I swear I would love to hear Art talk on any subject, always funny and smart. Also, Richard Hell was there but I didn't take his picture because I thought he might punch me or something. I momentarily confused him with Mickey Rourke I think.

At the time, I thought that taking a picture of the cafeteria doors would open up a whole photo essay about modern schooling and public art and blar-de-blar but then I didn't take that many pictures.

The man, talking. At one point, Art called Joost Swarte up and Joost talked a bit about the number of stain-glassed window projects he had done in Europe and oh, man, that's a whole talk in itself. Fascinating. Art was very upfront in that he wanted a stain-glassed window like his genius pal Joost.

And here's a pic of Art and Elma Reingold, assistant principal, who was one of the people instrumental in putting the talk together. It really was a great event. Elma was just one of many people who were on it and made us all feel very well taken care of.

People, I am rusty. Look if you want trenchant commentary on the economics of the modern comic convention scene, head on over to Secret Acres. 

LA: Vanessa Davis, Anders Nilsen, and Mimi Pond come together this weekend at LA Times Festival of Books!

Hey, LA, this weekend's the amazing LA Times Festival of Books, and this year features an unmissable meeting of cartoonists! Mimi Pond, Anders Nilsen, and Vanesssa Davis will be joined by Ben Katchor (Hand-Drying in America) for Illustrating the Point: The Graphic Novel, a panel discussion about their respective experiences in the medium. The conversation will be moderated by Deborah Vankin and promises to be as insightful as it is funny.

Illustrating The Point: The Graphic Novel takes place tomorrow, Saturday April 12th, at noon, in room 123 of the Seeley G. Mudd building on USC campus. That's at the corner of Downey Way and McClintock Avenue. Reserve your advance tickets here.

from Mimi Pond's Over Easy
Illustrating the Point: The Art of the Graphic Novel
(Conversation 1072) - See more at: http://events.latimes.com/festivalofbooks/fob-schedule/#sthash.qpuLY9an.dpuf

Mimi, Anders, and Vanessa will also be signing and have books for sale. This'll be your last chance to get a swanky advance copy* of Mimi Pond's Over Easy before it's officially released next Tuesday. Check out some of the advance praise it's already received: 

"[Over Easy] functions as a character study, a humorous look into the inner dramas and realities of work, and a snapshot into life in the Bay Area during the late ’70s [...Mimi Pond] easily and accurately nails down the many dilemmas and feelings familiar to anyone who has had a job. [...]the story and characters of Over Easy are bursting with color." The A.V. Club

"Characters are richly drawn and described, showing people the way they should be after stewing in thirty years of memories... Nothing is off-limits to Pond’s dreamlike portrayal of the world." Blogcritics

Plus, did we mention that she did a culture diary for the Paris Review about a week in York, PA? Or that Buzzfeed and Paste both have exclusive previews of the book up right now?? 

And of course, be sure to check out the interview with the fabulous Mimi in the LA Times. My personal favourite bit: "Always outfitted in fetching retro eyeglasses, Pond keeps up appearances these days but with certain rules. "I see some women my age try to keep up with the 20-year-olds and I think that's a bad idea. You can't wear a leather jacket when it's the same texture as your skin.""

Excited about all this? Perfect! Don't forget about the rest of the dates on Mimi's tour! Oakland, LA, Toronto, and New York, here's looking at you!

*swanky advance copies are not different from the regular book, but you do get to brag to your friends.
Thursday, April 10, 2014

Adrian Tomine's NEW YORK POSTCARDS: in stores (and mailboxes) now!

I think we've teased you enough: Adrian Tomine's gorgeous postcard set, New York Postcards, is now in stores and ready for you to share with friends or keep for yourself. The set comes in a beautiful keepsake box and features thirty of his best-loved images (so far). 

Check out an extended preview from Mark Frauenfelder at Boing Boing.

Jason Diamond at Flavorwire weighs in with a short interview too: "…It’s difficult to think of Tomine as anything other than a New York artist. His work for The New Yorker and New York magazines capture the everyday look and feel of contemporary New York City, with single scenes begging you to fill in the blanks for the rest of the story…"

And Oakland, listen up! Adrian is part of a group exhibition at the Oakland Museum of California that opens April 19th. SuperAwesome: Art and Giant Robot celebrates the twentieth anniversary of the groundbreaking magazine with work from fifteen of its most influential artists. The show will be on view until July 17th, so start planning your Bay Area vacay.
Thursday, April 03, 2014

D+Q Acquires World Digital Rights to Lynda Barry’s ONE! HUNDRED! DEMONS! Now on Kobo!

Continuing its foray into the digital market, D+Q has recently acquired world electronic rights to Lynda Barry’s classic graphic novel One! Hundred! Demons! The book is now for sale from Kobo and can be read on the Kobo Arc as well as the Kobo Aura and family of apps across the iOS, Android, and Windows 8 platforms.

The beloved, genre-defying work of “autobifictionalography” One! Hundred! Demons! exploded the comic book medium in its original release, ending up on “Best Of” lists from Time Magazine and the Chicago Tribune. In these seventeen vignettes that touch on the scent of people's homes, why babies are the best dancers, and how pretentious ex-boyfriends are like head lice, Barry brings her demons out to be exorcised. Described as “brutally honest, thoughtful, and soulful” by Nick Hornby in the New York Times, One! Hundred! Demons! takes on Barry's childhood with humor and poignancy.

"One! Hundred! Demons! is, hands down, one of my favorite  books in any medium, and it is nothing short of an honor to be able to publish it digitally,” said Peggy Burns, Associate Publisher of Drawn & Quarterly. “Since we first released Chester Brown’s Paying For It and Louis Riel on Kobo, they have proven to be a supportive partner willing to work with us to ensure that the digital version is just as dynamic as the original. We have a full slate of graphic novels planned for 2014 with Kobo. Stay tuned!”

For more information, please contact Julia Pohl-Miranda, publicity@drawnandquarterly.com, 514 279-2221 ext 225.

From Lynda Barry's One! Hundred! Demons!

Pascal Girard's Petty Theft stole my heart

Sorry for being cheesy, guys. I promise that Petty Theft isn't. It is funny, charming, witty, heartfelt— but then this is a Pascal Girard book we're talking about, after all!

Here's an advance copy of Petty Theft hanging out with our awesome intern Ivan, who's been doing some terrific work with us. Today is his last day and we're all kinda bummed. Thanks for everything, Ivan!

Petty Theft tells the story of a fictionalized Pascal, who's in a real rough spot: he's out of work, newly broken up with, and forbidden from his favourite activity, running, because of a back injury. To distract himself, Pascal passes the time reading. While at the bookstore one day (do you recognize it, Montreal?) he notices a young woman pick up his own book- but then she rushes out of the store without paying! Pascal is determined to find out why she did it, and what unfolds is a truly Girard-ian romantic comedy-of-errors.

Petty Theft will be in stores everywhere May 27th (launching at TCAF), but you'll be able to get your hands on sizzling' hot-off-the-presses advances THIS WEEKEND at MoCCA in New York City. Careful you don't burn your fingers! MoCCA Fest takes place at the 69th Regiment Armory this Saturday, April 5th and Sunday April 6th, and Drawn and Quarterly is at booths A24, A25, and A26. Check out our full programming right here.

"Fine cartooning by Girard enhances an already lively and agile plot, and his plainspoken but funny urban characters."Publishers Weekly, starred review


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